Woman “Academic” is Laughed Off Stage by Men While Receiving Award for Sexual Harassment “Research”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2019

Danielle Bradford, 21

This is what women do after violating men’s spaces.

Daily Mail:

A young Cambridge University academic, given an award for researching sexual harassment during fieldwork, says she was laughed at for her work by a ‘large group of older men.’ 

Danielle Bradford, 21, was being honoured at the Marsh Archaeology Awards in London on November 22 when she said she was driven to tears by the laughing in the audience.

‘As I was being introduced, they said ‘she’s been researching sexual harassment in archaeology’, to which a large group of older men laughed. Fully laughed – to the point that the presenter had to say ‘it isn’t funny’.

Ms Bradford is researching sexual misconduct that occurs during archaeological fieldwork.

In a thread on Twitter, Ms Bradford expressed her shock at what had happened during the event.

She isn’t even doing anything remotely related or useful to archaeology itself, she’s just making it about vaginas because that’s what women do: they make everything about their vaginas.

Her research is pointless and literally doesn’t contribute anything to either archaeology or anthropology, yet she’s nominated for awards, given awards, and made to believe that she’s doing something.

This game of pretending women can contribute something valuable other than their wombs is getting out of hand.

Men should be the ones filing sexual harassment complaints after being followed by random nagging women into most places.

Everything would be more productive and less stressful if men could be alone doing men stuff while women did the womb stuff.

According to Ms Bradford The Council for British Archaeology (CBA), which hosted the event, were ‘angry at the reaction’ and had been ‘amazingly kind and supportive.’

She thanked people for their kind words and said she was going to be fine.

Dr Mike Heyworth, CBA’s executive director, told the BBC that the CBA was shocked at the reaction to her award and ‘condemns anyone who treats these issues lightly and does not give researchers in this area the respect they fully deserve’.

He added the organization hadn’t been able to identify exactly who was laughing in the audience but said the organisation was writing to those who attended the event to condemn ‘the completely inappropriate reaction.’

Imagine being an actual academic doing actual work in the archaeological and anthropological fields and not laughing when witnessing some random womb receiving an award for “researching” women’s feelings and alleged interactions with men.

She even uses the famous “we are losing female talent because men are mean” argument.

The reality is that no woman in any field can make up for the talent that is lost by having her do the work instead of a man.

This incident has proven that laughter, as a reaction to these things, can have a pretty hilarious effect on these delusional women.

Deep down, they know that they’re not to be taken seriously.