Witnesses Say Two UFOs “Battled” in Australian Outback Before One Made an “Emergency Landing” and Crashed Into a Tree

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2019

A new type of UFO has been added to the list of UFOs we’re currently reading about in the news.

Two brothers tell the story about the time they saw the Glowing Blob of Light UFOs.

Daily Mail:

Twin brothers have stood by their claims they witnessed two UFOs battling in the clear night sky over the Australian Outback nearly 40 years ago.

Rob and Phil Tindale were just 10 years old when they say they saw two objects hovering in the skies outside their home in Sterling, Adelaide Hills in February 1980.

A distinct ‘bright yellow object’ was spotted, which hovered about 50metres above ground level, before a second one appeared, emitting ‘a red light’, they said.

The red object attempted to charge at the yellow UFO several times, before the ‘blow flies on steroids’ zoomed across the sky with ‘extreme speed’.

The yellow UFO made an ’emergency crash landing’ into a tree, while the red object appeared to disappeared into the distance in a bizarre 15 minute account.

The brothers rushed to wake their parents in their room, who gave a lacklustre response and simply told the boys to go back to bed.

Yeah, kids, just ignore the crashed UFO and go back to bed like good goys.

But Phil and Rob’s grandmother the next day cut out an article in the local paper about a UFO crash in Stirling on the same night.

The story titled ‘Aussie Sure UFO Damaged Trees’ was reported by Daryl Browne, who heard a tree ‘creaking and groaning’.

He walked towards the noise and shone his torch on an eight metre yellow craft likened to a speedboat, wedged between broken branches.

Mr Browne called authorities but the yellow object managed to take flight before he he and detectives arrived at the scene.

“Called authorities”? Rude. How about you just knock on the UFO’s door first and ask if they need anything?

Maybe the ayy lmaos were hurt in the crash.

This is basic civility, come on.

No traces of the UFO were left behind and the only evidence of the object could be seen through the damages inflicted on the trees.

‘From the window we saw a bright yellow object slightly larger than the apparent size of Venus bobbing around just above the tree line at the end of the valley,’ Phil said.

‘Shortly a second object appeared. It emitted a red light. It entered our view from above and approached the yellow object.

‘The red object zoomed up to the yellow object, stopped and reversed, and then did it again as if to prompt a reaction. And it got one!’

Phil said the yellow object took off in close pursuit of the red opponent.

‘They crossed the valley-head back and forth many times in a hectic paired chase,’ he said.

‘Eventually the yellow one sped off at extraordinary speed to our right, and disappeared behind the hill.

‘The red one had also gone. Neither myself, nor my brother were certain whether the red one had followed or simply left.’

I have an alternative theory to consider.


The description of the events, except for the part about an 8 meter craft, fits with what we know about Saiyans, so I’ll assume that the part about the speedboat-like thing was just made up for attention.

Now, we don’t know who was fighting who exactly, but judging from the colors, it was either Goku using Kaioken against someone…

…or Future Trunks fighting Goku Black.

But we can’t know for sure because apparently when you see weird stuff happening in the sky close to you it is standard procedure to just turn around and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary is happening.