With Yellow Vests Still Strong, Jewish Press Making Friendly Photoshops For Macron

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2018

There’s a lot of talk about fake news from the left. They pioneered the fake news insult, and constantly cry about how a couple thousand dollars in Facebook ads are capable of manipulating the election out of their favor as a result of some nebulous “fake news” specter. However, the Jewish establishment cronies are the most shameless mongers of fake news that have ever existed.

They just got called out all across the French Internet for photoshopping the word “dégage” out of a sign against Macron, urging his resignation.

Imagine spending years in school hoping to do something important with your life and you end up the guy that has to photoshop “resign” out of protest signs to make a failing president now only backed by global financial cabals look good.

This was on France 3, which is a state TV station. The Jews are essentially in a continuous state of panic over the yellow vests, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

This weekend the CRS moved in and essentially closed Paris, making reaching the Champs-Élysées essentially impossible. They broadcast the images of a peaceful Paris all over the international media, to try to pretend the movement is over. But the only thing over is freedom of movement in Paris. Motorways, metro stations, buses, all shut down. Nobody can get anywhere. However, massive protests happened all over France in this fifth weekend.

Despite the peaceful imagery coming out of Paris, the movement is actually as strong as it ever was, if not stronger.

And huge whitepill here. A couple weeks ago, we reported on how yellow vests were burning federal buildings with the intent to kill state employees. Well, they were arrested, and sentenced to three months, lol.

Le Parisien:

Two yellow vests were sentenced Monday to three months in prison without a deposit warrant, after being arrested at a rally Saturday evening at Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire), during which the prefecture had been burned. In Marseilles (Bouches-du-Rhône), several suspected breakers received sentences ranging from four months in prison suspended to two years.

The prosecutors firmly established they had murderous intent and they still only got three months– which was the statutory minimum, which means he probably wouldn’t even have sentenced them to a day. They also didn’t get a deposit warrant, which means there is nothing making them show up to prison.

The only guy that got two years? He looted a store. 100% a nigger.

In total, 11 people were to appear for various thefts, degradations and violence against the police. A 28-year-old who looted a telephony store was sentenced to the highest sentence, two years in prison with a warrant of committal.

That means the judges are on the side of the yellow vests. You might recall an event in 1923 where a guy only got a single year in prison for trying to overthrow the government by force. The Yellow Vests have proven now that in Puy-en-Velay they can try to kill federal agents and blow up federal buildings and they will suffer absolutely no consequences. People are ready to see these tools of ZOG murdered in the streets, and even judges are like “yeah these guys seem alright, better get them back out there so that they can continue trying to kill feds.”

Everything is going according to plan of the yellow vests.

They take France from the corrupt! The rich! And they give it back to the yellow vests, the white people.