With Walter Wallace Murdered by Cops, Who Will Pay for His TEN (10) Children?

Walter Wallace was recently shot to death by police in Philadelphia. Despite the fact that he did nothing wrong and was a good boy, police murdered him, because they hated the color of his skin.

Wallace was a very good man. He was extremely talented and he was a family man.

He was the proud father of nine kids.

He was expecting his tenth child when he was murdered by racist cops who hated his skin color.

These are ten precious little babies, good kids all of them, who have to grow up without a father. What are their mothers supposed to tell them as to why they don’t have no father?

“Your daddy you never got to meet is in heaven because white people hate the dark shade of melanated skin so they killed him for no reason”?

Wallace himself was only a child, cut down at the fresh age of 27.

It’s hard to imagine a more model citizen. Despite all of the challenges in his life, dealing with the stresses of racism and many other problems in his life caused by white people, he was only arrested and booked on charges and had a mug shot taken 13 times between the ages of 18 and 27.

Several of the charges he was charged with were not even felonies.

Given the stresses of suffering from racism, and trying to handle the FACT of white privilege and white fragility, this is a very small police record.

Now that Wallace is dead, who is going to pay for these ten beautiful children?

Wallace was about to make it big in the rap music industry. As you can see in this video, he is an extreme talent.

We should all be angry that the next Tupac and the next Puff Daddy was taken from us. We all deserved to hear his music and feel his loving messages.

Now that’s gone, and all we have is the beautiful ballad “Stop Playin.”

He would have made millions in the industry to take care of his children.

Now, the state will have to pay for them.

But we should truly thank him for making all of these new black people for society to enjoy. If there is one thing that we know is going to make America a better place, it’s more black people. Wallace did a great service to America by bringing these ten children into the world, and many white people will have the honor of experiencing the joy of their existence.

Just imagine: ten black children.

Imagine all of the interactions those ten black children are going to have with white people, and all of the joy that they will bring into the lives of the whites they encounter.

It’s not a big deal that our tax money has to pay for them, considering all that they offer to society.

I hope that all of them will become rappers and continue their father’s amazing legacy of bringing the joy of song to the world.

I hope that a few white people will listen to “Stop Playin” and finally realize once and for all that black lives truly matter.