With the Money Mike Bloomberg Spent on His Campaign He Could Have Given Every American a Million Dollars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

I get so tired of racists saying that black people have low IQs.

Mara Gay is a member of the editorial board of the New York Times, and a woman of color. She didn’t get into that position by being stupid, let me tell you. She is as sharp as a prison shiv.

Gay appeared on MSNBC this week with host Brian Williams, and did an amazing math calculation which I haven’t seen any white people present. She explained that with the $500 million that Mike Bloomberg spent on his presidential campaign, he could have afforded to give all 327 million people in America a million dollars each.

Of course, she didn’t do that math herself. She cited a tweet from Mekita Rivas, who was the original one to crunch these numbers and realize the staggering fact that 500 million divided by 327 million is 1 million.

And who is Mekita Rivas?

That’s right: a journalist and a person of color.

But Gay was the only person on TV to find this tweet and talk about it, which is a unique skill in itself.

As we continue to replace white people with people of color, we are going to continue to increase the functionality of our society.

Because colored people are simply better than whites.

They are better looking.

They are more compassionate.

They are smarter.

The only reason that they weren’t running our society from the beginning was that white people were filled with hatred for the color of the skin and spread malicious myths such as “black people are stupid.”

Well, Mara Gay isn’t stupid.

She’s the smartest person in the room.

And that’s why she was hired to the editorial board of the most prominent and influential newspaper in the world.

She, a woman of color, was smarter than every single white male who applied from the job.

So hey, why don’t you go check out her columns over at the New York Times?

She writes these articles herself.

If you read them, you might learn something and increase your brain capacity, you dumb white piece of shit.