With Suez Canal Cleared, Indian Crew of the Ever Given Claims No Responsibility

I don’t know how anyone other than the crew of the ship can be blamed for a ship wrecking. Of course, you would expect the crew to say it’s not their fault.

What is bizarre is that the media was initially claiming it was the fault of the wind. That is insane – the ship is the size of the Empire State Building, and it’s not going to blow around in the wind.

Now, the media is saying that the crew shouldn’t be blamed for wrecking the ship.

USA Today:

Investigators in and under the massive container ship Ever Given intensified efforts Wednesday to determine what caused the vessel to run aground amid concerns the Indian crew could be blamed for the costly incident.

Global economic losses from the shutdown have been estimated at up to $10 billion per day, prompting intense interest in determining the cause of the calamity – and anyone who could have been at fault.

David Heindel, chairman of the International Transport Workers’ Federation, cautioned against a “rush to judgment,” adding that the investigation should examine whether crew fatigue played a role.

“Too often, seafarers are unfairly blamed for incidents at sea,” Heindel said. “When proper investigations are conducted we are able to stand back and see the systematic factors which drive bad outcomes.”

The Panamanian-flagged, Japanese-owned, Taiwanese-operated ship became caught in high winds and a sandstorm as it navigated a narrow stretch of the canal March 23. The 1,300-foot-long, 220,000-ton ship turned and the bow went aground on the canal’s eastern bank, the stern on the western bank.

The incident halted more than 400 ships before the Ever Given ship was finally freed Monday with the aid of more than a dozen tugboats and favorable tides.

The chairman of the Egyptian-owned Suez Canal Authority has said the weather issues were not the main reasons the ship grounded.

“There may have been technical or human errors,” Osama Rabie told reporters. “All of these factors will become apparent in the investigation.”

The Indian government and its seafarer’s organizations fear the crew of 25 could be “made scapegoats,” the Times reported, citing a senior person associated with the nation’s shipping industry.

So, what the hell even is this?

Well: I don’t know.

However, although I hadn’t thought of it myself, I have seen an anti-China, pro-war shill claiming that this was a Chinese conspiracy. It doesn’t make any sense to me how the Chinese could commit such a conspiracy – what would they do, pay the captain to wreck the ship? Then expect the captain to not crack under the investigation? It makes no sense.

However, it would make sense to blame China. Even if they don’t have any proof, just like with the coronavirus, they can throw it out there. I think it is almost a certainty that the media and Antony Blinken are going to come out and publicly claim that China did this somehow.

Maybe, the CIA somehow sabotaged the ship so they could blame China, or maybe it was just these idiot Indian drivers who crashed it – either way, I can’t think of any reason why the West wouldn’t blame China.

That is the direction everything is going in now as the heat gets hotter.

I don’t know if they’re going to try to hit the Middle East first, or what. Their plan isn’t clear.

Before he was the fake Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said pretty straightforwardly that Biden wanted to move forces out of the Middle East and use them to attack China. That was while he was the advisor for Biden’s team – seems like the conservatives could have picked up on that one, and not gone so deep with the “Beijing Joe” nonsense that has made them all look like morons.

I have stopped watching Tucker Carlson mostly, because his China war propaganda is just so demoralizing. However, I did turn him on last night to watch the Gaetz interview, and caught part of his every day anti-China segment. He was blaming the Chinese for the coronavirus (something which he has repeatedly called a fake pandemic, and repeatedly brought on Alex Berenson to explain scientifically that it is a fake pandemic), and then said that he was happy that the Biden Administration now agrees with him.

Of course, the Biden Administration never disagreed with him, they just said they did on TV to attack Donald Trump.

We all remember the memes:

We didn’t see any of this garbage when all of Biden’s people came out and called it a “Chinese virus.” Just like we’re not seeing the Democrat media talk about “kids in cages” at the border.

Trump, may God have mercy on him, didn’t really know what was going on, and was surrounded by all of these neocon lunatics. But he did know he didn’t want a war.

Biden doesn’t know anything at all, and is surrounded by even worse neocon lunatics, including the Jew Blinken, who is just a skinnier and less ugly version of Mike Pompeo, and Lloyd Austin, who many people call the Neocoon.

The Neocoon recently forced the nips to do a gang handshake. The nips consented out of pure terror.

Ultimately at this point, any war ends up being the same war – the lines are drawn between the ZOG West and the Russia-China alliance. So it makes no difference where the war starts, it is going to expand.

Iran and Syria are on the other side, so they could start the war there. That is also much lower stakes, and they could use it to just try to pressure Russia and China into going full-anal.

Right now, what you can expect is continued vilification of China, primarily, as they are the center of power of the supposed enemy team.

I would expect CNN and the Biden people to start suggesting China sabotaged the canal as a way to promote their One Belt, One Road initiative.

There is just no other reason the media wouldn’t just blame the crew and be done with it. I don’t think they can be criminally charged anyway, unless it’s proved they did it on purpose, no matter how many billions it cost.