With Regards to the Greasy Wop Chris Cuomo…

As if it wasn’t enough that the Italians worked with the Germans to run six million innocent Christ-killers into an incinerator using a rollercoaster, they’ve come over to Hoax Watch to complain about being accused of greasiness.

I have on some occasions referred to wops like Chris and Andrew Cuomo as “greasy,” with many Italians coming to me and claiming this is an unfair characterization.

To be clear, any insults that I lodge at white people, from way up there with the cucked Swedes, all the way down there to the greasy Italians, and all the way over to the sloppy and violent Irish and back over to the drunken and sloppy Russians, and even way out there in the New World to the bulbous and putrid American whales – it’s all just in good fun.

The only people you can’t really say anything negative about are the Germans. Oh wait, I forgot – they steamed six million innocent Jewish casino magnates like clams. Also, they do weird perverted things like have sex with animals and corpses (or so I’ve heard).

So really, the only group you really can’t even make jokes about are Australians. Or at least, that was the case before they submitted to the most brutal tyranny ever on the entire earth.

People have at various points accused me of “undermining white solidarity” for making these types of jokes, but those people, in my experience, have autism. Talking about Swedecucks or wops is no different than joking around with friends about being short or tall or bald or blind or divorced or whatever. Joking around with friends with light-hearted insults is actually a natural part of the male bonding process.

Also, with regards to Italians, and various weirdos on the internet claiming that they are “not white” – I 100% condemn this sentiment, and think it speaks to a bigger issue of what exactly “whiteness” is. Obviously, Italians, or at least Southern Italians, have darker skin. But they also clearly share in “WHITE CULTURE.”

At some point, I’m going to have to dissect the Jared Taylor vs. E. Michael Jones debate. Basically, I do think Jones lost the debate, and actually he lost it kind of very badly, going so far as to invoke Flynn Effect voodoo. He also said that there is no such thing as “white culture,” and the only thing that actually exists is the ethnic cultures of different groups of whites.

Having lived in the countries of each one of the races, and having lived in multiple different white countries, I can tell you that anyone who claims that there is no such thing as a “racial culture” and all culture derives from linguistics is absolutely and 100% full of shit, whether they know it or not (I don’t think Jones knows it, and in general, I probably agree with Jones on more topics than I agree with Taylor on, in particular because Taylor is a Jew-lover).

There are more similarities between the cultures of Norway and Spain – or between the cultures of Japan and Thailand – that there are between the cultures of white Americans and black Americans. The only reasonable assertion is that genetics play as much of a role in shaping a culture as language and tradition, if not actually more.

Jared Taylor has not ever said anything that I found insightful or particularly interesting, it is simply that Jones’ position here was so weak as to be basically indefensible. There were literally a dozen different times where Taylor made points which effectively ended the debate. And again – I say that as someone with an extreme amount of respect for Jones, who is a person who has never failed to make me think (in fact, he said things that were interesting during the debate, just none that had anything to do with the argument he was making in this context).

(Please, if you don’t know anything about Jones and watch that debate, don’t write him off. He is one of the most interesting people alive, despite somehow being so terribly, absurdly wrong on this issue.)

What I am interested in, personally, is figuring out how to define the metaphysical meaning of “whiteness,” and I have come to the conclusion that you cannot do that outside of Christianity.

Firstly, this “pre-Christian Greece and Rome were also great” argument is largely meaningless (or at least easily rebutted), given that “pre-Christian” Greece and Rome were quite literally “pre-Christian,” as in, they were in the midst of developing a philosophical, ethical and general cultural tradition that would reach its final form in Christianity. From a Christian perspective, it is very easy to frame pre-Christian Greece and Rome as God making a path for Christendom, by inspiring people to create the philosophical and aesthetic traditions upon which the Christian tradition would ultimately be based. This is much different than say the Irish, who were doing weird human sacrifice rituals and worshiping trees when Saint Patrick showed up and began his Ultimate Jesus Quest.

What I will say is this: there is nothing inherently meaningful in what Jared Taylor says, unless it is combined with something else. No one ever fought and died for IQ graphs or crime statistics, and if you cannot inspire people to fight and die for something, then it is impossible for that thing to continue to exist indefinitely (or even for very long).

Anyway, let’s just leave this here at “to be continued…”, because the issue of the Taylor-Jones debate does need to be discussed in some serious depth, not embedded in a joke article.