With Regards to Pro-Jewish Elements Within the Pro-White Movement

Clayton Elmy
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2016


100% accurate depiction of everyone who disagrees with me

One of the most annoying accusations by cucked softgoys is that we, the vulgar Neo-Nazi White Supremacists, are no different than SJWs.

This is an example of the middle ground fallacy. Like shallow claims that Fascism and Marxism are not essentially different, it ignores the qualitative distinctions between the two extremes.

The deconstruction of SJW critical race theory has been done to death across the Alt-Right spectrum and is now common knowledge. The same cannot be said of National Socialism, and cucks assume that our claims have no merit, without ever bothering to investigate them.

A large segment of the Alt-Right is totally uninformed about the events surrounding the Jewish War on Germany, their heads full of Jew-Holocaust propaganda and the ideological baggage of libertarianism and capitalism. You’ll often find that those who dismiss there being a ZOG also buy into the Jew blood libels that 6 million Jews were deloused and that blind German militarism caused World War II.

The basic logic of the softcucks goes like this: the SJWs are wrong that there is an institutionalized White supremacy exercising systemic power, therefore talk of an institutionalized Jewry exercising systemic power must also be wrong.

The SJW canard directed against Stoppers of Kikes is totally hollow. Tim Wise is wrong, and we are right.

The Jewish “systemic racism” narrative is totally at odds with all known facts. It’s claims of institutional White racism are promulgated from all official political and social institutions, from the media to the academy to the government to the NGO, Soros-funded superstate.

When Jewish academics and an African Attorney General whine about how the system they lord over is a White racist system, it’s should be obvious to all but the stupidest faggots what the scam is.


The appeals to race gaps and White privilege by Tim Wises and SJWs are vague and unfalsifiable. They don’t name names and can’t point to any tangible evidence of White racial power networks. There are much simpler explanations for Negro criminality and failure than “racism,” that are not plagued by gaping blind spots and confirmation bias.

On the other hand, Neo-Nazi White Supremacist claims about Jewish Power point to demonstrable facts – institutions and ideologies, the (((individuals))) who occupy and invent them, and the practical consequences of the Jewish agenda in the wider world.

This is all out in the open and easy to prove.

All the key organs of entire nascent (((globalist))) superstate are occupied by Jews and run for the benefit of Jewry.

All the destructive ideologies which cucked faggots bloviate against under the label of such empty abstractions as (((leftism))) and (((cultural Marxism))) have Jews behind them.

All the evil ideological anti-white tendencies – Bolshevism, Critical Theory, Race Denialism, Feminism, Individualism – were thought up and are promoted almost entirely by kikes.

All the evil political initiatives designed to disenfranchise and destroy Whites – foreign wars, open borders, gun control, race mixing, pornography and all manner of faggotry and sexual deviancy – are pimped by kikes.


It’s the current year, those curtains need more dildos

On top of all this, we have over 2,000 years of documented proof of intent, in the form of the Tanakh, Talmud and jurisprudence from Maimonides to the laws of the modern state of Israel.

And unlike SJWs and Blacks, we do not wallow in victimhood while seeking to parasitize and rent-seek Jews. We want to be totally free of Jews and other aliens, because we know once we have independence, we are capable of anything.

Nor do we absolve all Whites of blame, despite the somewhat popular lie that we say no Whites had any role in allowing these things to happen. But there would be no collaborators without an occupation. And whatever mistakes whites made in the past cannot be corrected until the Jewish Problem is solved. You can’t heat the house while the door is open.


Forget the Jews, Goyim. You just need to lift weights and read post-modern philosophy.

These are simple facts.

They cannot be hand-waved away.

We have the documents!

And our explanation for these facts is the most consistent and substantive account of them.

Everyone in the Alt-Right absolutely must come to terms with the Jewish Problem, because the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it.

We are being subjected to a total racial genocide.

It’s not some impersonal, emergent historical process.

It’s not pathological altruism or ethnomasochism.

It’s the fucking kikes!

And we have to stop them.


All the wars in the world