With Pro-Putin Material Censored on Twitter and Facebook, Media Celebrates Social Media Popularity of Navalny

Well now, this is just absurd.


Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has overtaken President Vladimir Putin as Russia’s most mentioned politician on social media according to latest analysis, highlighting the growing threat he poses to the country’s authorities.

Analysis by the online Russian-language publication Open Media has found that between January 17, when he was detained at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, and February 16, he was mentioned almost 10.8 million times on social media—or 1.3 million times more than Putin.

The social media companies – Facebook and Twitter – literally ban pro-Putin material. They call it “Russian disinformation.”

This is a policy that is active in Russia. Imagine it. They established the policies because they said the Russian government was interfering with American and European politics; now they are using it, in the Russian language, to claim that the Russian government is interfering with their own politics.

Furthermore, of course, it is not saying whether the mentions are positive or negative. But we can go ahead and assume that they are mostly positive, since negative comments about Navalny are censored from social media.

Some of the data was from Russian-owned social media, which does exist and is popular in Russia. But the majority of the political discussion promoting Navalny is going to be on American-owned social media, and it is probably mostly going to be State Department bots.

The Navalny phenomenon makes zero sense. He is a neo-Nazi. Like, literally. The Western media is covering this up, and when they do talk about it, they call him an “ethnonationalist.” But that is his policy – he wants to ethnically cleanse Moscow.

So who are all of these people coming out and supporting him, and why? They’re not all neo-Nazis. The Western media has made him a symbol of “democracy,” even though that is not his own stated position.

It’s just all nutty. Just like everything else, I guess.