With Gyms Closed Apparently Forever, UK to Encourage Biking to Fight Obesity During Eternal Virus Hoax

The gyms are closed, probably forever.

But hey – at least you can ride around on a bicycle like an asshole.

The Guardian:

GPs will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as a way for patients to lose weight, as part of a new government strategy to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis to be announced on Monday.

In what Downing Street says is its biggest initiative to encourage more people to take exercise, the plans to be revealed by prime minister Boris Johnson could also mean GP surgeries participating in bicycle schemes, to make cycling easier and cheaper to take up.

Government officials say that a key challenge will be to make people feel safer on bikes in busy urban areas. This, they accept, will mean spending huge sums on segregated cycle lanes and secure cycle parking as well as developing low-traffic neighbourhoods.

Initially the plans will be trialled in areas with poor health and physical activity rates, with a view to expanding them across the country if successful.

A government spokesperson said: “Covid-19 has given us all a wake-up call [on] the immediate and long-term risks of being overweight, and the prime minister is clear we must use this moment to get healthier, more active and eat better. We will be urging the public to use this moment to take stock of how they live their lives, and to take simple steps to lose weight, live healthier lives, and reduce pressure on the NHS.”

Johnson, who cycled to work when mayor of London and as a backbench MP, has taken a personal interest in the new strategy, particularly since he was admitted to hospital and then intensive care with coronavirus.

It comes amid growing evidence that excess weight is associated with a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Recent studies have also shown that cycling to work is linked to a 46% lower risk of heart disease compared with a non-active commute.

Two-thirds (63%) of UK adults are above a healthy weight, with 36% overweight and 28% obese. Alarmingly, one in three children aged 10 to 11 are overweight or obese.

Seriously – no offense to anyone who does biking.

It’s fine. I’m not against it. It’s not like, jogging or something insanely bad for your health. Biking is good for heart health, at least, though it’s probably overrated.

But nothing is anywhere close to as good for your health as strength training. That increases every aspect of your physical wellbeing, and it is the number one way for men to increase their testosterone levels.

If they’re not going to open the gyms back up – and it appears that they are not – you need to get a home gym together.

All you really need is a bench and a rack that allows you to do squats, and ideally also pull-ups. One rack is all you need.

A simpler rack like this will also work, though it does not have the pull-up bar.

If you get a rack that doesn’t allow you to do pull-ups, you’re going to need a separate pull-up bar, which you should be able to hang from a rafter in your basement.

You need:

  • Bench
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Pull-ups
  • Row
  • Military press
  • The rest of the crap (sit-ups, curls, flies, reverse flies, etc.)

One rack with a pull-up bar or a rack and a separate pull-up bar accomplishes this. You just need a barbell, some plates and some dumbbells.

If you follow the Stormer plan, your home gym will work better than the routines of the assholes who crowd up normal gyms – and it will definitely work a lot better than riding a bike, I can tell you this.

If you want to do biking, I would be much more likely to recommend off-road biking.

That’s going to be a lot more of a serious workout. Moreover, it’s going to be more fun, and get you in touch with nature, and it’s not going to result in you breathing the carbon monoxide of car exhaust fumes, which is virtually impossible to avoid if you’re engaging in biking on the open road.