With Disney Deal Finishing Up, Paul Ryan Appointed to Fox News Board

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

So for anyone who hasn’t been paying too much attention, Disney is buying all of Fox Corporation’s 21st Century Fox entertainment assets.

The first thing that means is that Jew Disney is going to do to all of those properties exactly what they did to Star Wars and Marvel Comics, which is turn them into vehicles of extremely self-conscious social engineering. You’re probably going to get a Simpson’s movie were Homer and/or Bart go full-tranny.

Just for example.

The other thing this means is that Fox is now exclusively a new corporations, and is becoming simply Fox Corp where it had been News Corp.

These news properties include Fox News TV channel, The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, so largely the entire “conservative” media complex in the United States (they also own a lot of international news properties).

Now the that the company is restructuring, it is hiring a new board of directors – and guess who’s on it.


Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is joining the board of the newly slimmed-down Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News.

Ryan and three other board of directors were appointed on Tuesday. Appointing these directors was a necessary step as the Murdoch family wraps up the Disney-Fox deal.

The Ryan appointment is the most noteworthy, given his history near the top of Republican politics. Ryan and Rupert Murdoch have been friendly for many years. In 2014, he named Ryan as a presidential contender he had “particular admiration for.”

The only reason that Fox would hire Paul Ryan is if they were planning on becoming the Paul Ryan network.

And they basically already are that.

All this really means is that Tucker is pretty much as good as fired.

I’d say Laura Ingraham is probably also on the chopping block.

Judge Jeanine is apparently already fired. She’s been placed on some kind of suspension for… defending the Jews against Ilhan Omar.

Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist shill, but he is old enough that he had some kind of integrity. I believe Tucker is probably telling the truth when he says that the Fox management has never told him what he could or could not say.

As part of the restructuring, Murdoch is finally handing the reins of the company over to his son Lachlan, and he does not have any integrity. WaPo is already celebrating the transfer of power, saying the heir is going to use the network to attack Trump and get back to “real conservatism.”

By this time next year, you’re gonna see ol’ Shekels Benny in Tucker’s slot.

But that’s all good.

The only reason anyone with anything going on in their head was watching Fox was because Tucker was on it. Once this turns into a hardcore “CNN Lite” network, the jig is going to be up. They’re not going to be able to keep from pushing the envelope too far on the gay stuff, the immigration stuff, all the other stuff.

They’ve already hired Donna Brazil.

They’re going to ethnically cleanse the network of everyone other than Sean Hannity. And people will stop watching. Boomers are going to start dying en mass soon anyway, and there just won’t be any audience for “low taxes and wars” colorblind conservatism.

Not that anyone under 50 even watches broadcast television anyway.

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