With Corbyn Out, Labour Voters Still Hate the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2020

And you think this gives you power over me?

They might hate Britain.

But at least they hate the Jews.

Daily Mail:

Jeremy Corbyn is bequeathing his successor a Labour Party so out of touch with mainstream British values that almost half of its members are ‘ashamed’ of their own country’s history, according to a new poll.

After four years with Mr Corbyn at the helm, barely one in three of the Labour faithful are proud of the nation’s past, compared to more than 50 per cent of voters.

The YouGov survey also shows the party’s 500,000-plus members are wildly at odds with the public on wanting to ditch the Monarchy, and with many in denial about Labour’s problems with anti-Semitism.

Last night, former Labour MP Ian Austin – who quit in protest at Mr Corbyn’s leadership – said the outgoing leader was handing his successor a ‘toxic legacy’ of a party ‘gripped by extremism and poisoned by anti-Semitism’.

More than half of Brits – 53 per cent – were proud of the last 300 years of the nation’s history. But only 29 per cent of Labour members agreed, while 48 per cent of them said Britain’s past in that period was something to be ashamed of.

Similarly, the poll found widespread support for the Monarchy among ordinary Britons, with 63 per cent wanting the institution to continue. In contrast, 53 per cent of the Labour faithful wanted to see the Royal Family replaced with an elected head of state.

A huge divide also opened up over who was to blame for Labour’s historic General Election defeat last year, with nearly half of general voters blaming Mr Corbyn’s leadership but only 36 per cent of Labour’s members agreeing.

And Labour’s grassroots was at odds with the public over anti-Semitism, with 78 per cent of party members believing the problem was either exaggerated (53 per cent) or that there was no problem at all (25 per cent).

But only 29 per cent of ordinary voters thought it had been over-stated and just 10 per cent thought Labour did not have a problem with anti-Semitism.

The idea that a new party leader is somehow going to turn things around and get the party to stop hating the Jews is dumb.

They hate the Jews in part because they’re an Islamic party, but they also have just become woke to the fact that Jews are evil, and are behind international capitalism. There is no way to unlearn hatred for the Jews, because hatred for the Jews is always based on objective facts.


No one has ever hated the Jews at random. They have only ever hated the Jews because of the behavior of the Jews, which is objectively disgusting.

This stuff about hating the monarchy is whatever.

I certainly hate this rock video that Prince Harry recorded with Bon Jovi.

Seriously – what the hell is that?

This is his new monarchical brand that he says he’s going to make millions on with his African wife?

A lot of people also hate Prince Andrew for claiming he lost the ability to sweat and that that proves he didn’t have sex with underage girls while hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein.

I actually thought that was funny, certainly a lot better than if he’d responded to these allegations by recording a music video with Bon Jovi.

But I get why people don’t like it.

Anyway, the main focus always has to remain the main focus: JEWS.

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