With Bodies Still Warm, ABC News Worries About “Backlash” Against Moslems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2017

The media is a parody of itself.

Last night, on George Stepenopopuloupos on ABC, just after the bomb had gone off, he brought on Martha Raddatz to talk about how the real victims were the Moslems who would face a racist backlash for blowing up the Ariana concert.

Other networks were of course all doing the same thing, and today we’ve seen the usual storm of articles about how important it is to be extra nice to Moslems since they just blew us up.

This isn’t even “Orwellian.” It is just pure absurdism.

It is the exact same stuff that I write as satire. Like, word for word.

There is no other people on earth but Jewed-out whites who would ever think this sort of thought made any sense.

Women, in particular, are into this sort of thinking.


I’ve lived in other people’s countries a lot. Most of my adult life, in fact.

If I was living in China, and white people were mass-murdering the Chinese, I would fully expect to be looked at with suspicion wherever I went. And if people started coming up to me and telling me they were sorry, and they hope I’m okay, and they know not all whites are like that, I would view them as a lunatic – not a friendly and understanding enlightened Chinaman.

It is 100% logical that if members of a specific group are murdering you that you would be angry and suspicious of the entire group.

And all of this is outside of the fact Islam is a religion of conquest and terrorism, which has historically conquered half of our territory, and is now openly pledging to repeat this feat.

Apologizing to your attackers is a very special type of vicious derangement, which could only exist right now.

But it won’t exist for much longer.

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