With Bibi on the Ropes, Sloppy Suspected Baby-Fucker and Cannibal Mike Pompeo Backs Off of War Threats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

When we say “suspected baby-fucking cannibal,” we ask the very honest question: “Have you ever seen a man with a face like that who didn’t literally rape and eat infants?”

Not so big and fat without Bibi at your back, are you Mike, you fat piece of shit?

The Guardian:

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said Washington and its allies were seeking a “peaceful resolution” with Iran in the wake of the attack on Saudi oil facilities, making clear that Washington would limit its initial response to further sanctions.

Pompeo’s remarks, made on his return trip to Washington after visits to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, mark a significant cooling of rhetoric after Donald Trump had warned the US was “locked and loaded” and Pompeo had said the attack, which he blamed on Iran, was “an act of war”.

The Pentagon said its goal was “to deter conflict and get back on the diplomatic path” and stopped short of definitively blaming Tehran for the air strikes which knocked out half Saudi Arabia’s oil production, deferring to Riyadh to make that assessment.

“As of this time all indications are that Iran is in some way responsible,” spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said, before adding: “We’re not going to get ahead of the Saudi investigation in their assessment of this.”

Iran has insisted the attack on a Saudi oil field and refinery was launched from Yemen by Houthi rebels, who have claimed responsibility. Any reprisal attack on Iran by the US or Saudi Arabia, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned, would lead to “all-out war”.

“I make a very serious statement about defending our country. I am making a very serious statement that we don’t want to engage in a military confrontation,” Zarif told CNN. “But we won’t blink to defend our territory.”

Honestly – put Javad Zarif in charge of American foreign policy.

We’ve already got a Middle Eastern tribe running our goddamn government, so we might as well have one that isn’t absolutely satanic in charge!

Asked about Zarif’s comments, Pompeo sought to defuse the stand-off.

“I was here in an act of diplomacy. While the foreign minister of Iran is threatening all-out war and to fight to the last American, we’re here to build out a coalition aimed at achieving peace and a peaceful resolution to this,” the secretary of state said. “That’s my mission set, what President Trump certainly wants me to work to achieve, and I hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran sees it the same way. There’s no evidence of that from his statement, but I hope that that’s the case.”

Multiple reports from the White House have portrayed Trump as extremely reluctant to be drawn into another conflict as he campaigns for reelection while seeking to draw down troop levels in Afghanistan and Syria.

Pompeo repeated Trump’s warning that Washington would impose further sanctions on Iran, which is already subject to a US oil and banking embargo, arguing that they were effective in cutting Iranian financing for its regional allies and its missile programme.

“The president’s direction to us, to continue to prevent them having the capacity to underwrite Hizbullah, Shia militias in Iraq, their own missile program, all the things that they have done to pose a threat to the world, that’s the mission set with our economic sanctions,” he said.

Anyone who is against bombing the Saudis is pure evil.

Mike Pompeo is obviously – IN MY OPINION – a satanic child-fucking homosexual and a cannibal.

If you think I’m joking about these people being a bunch of infant-fucking cannibals, you need to wise up and you need to do it quickly.

Ask Christ for guidance and do it right this second – in my opinion.

Pompeo needs to GET OUT the same way that John Bolton as gotten out.

This stupid Jewish madness has to end or at least slow down a little bit so the goyim can catch their breath.

Bibi is maybe out, if he’s not out, he’s crippled.

Let’s take this opportunity to at least dial this insanity back half a notch, huh?