With 80% Vaxed, Singapore Shocked to Find Out the Vaccine Doesn’t Even Work at All

Singapore was a beautiful city, a model for modern urban living, and now it is just another prison state.

As we know, in the West the government/media is still trying to say that the reason the vaccines don’t work is that not enough people have them. Of course, that doesn’t actually make any sense and it has not ever been explained. They haven’t really even tried to explain it.

Tucker Carlson pointed that out again on Monday, in what was one of his strongest opening segments yet: if the vaccine works, how can it stop working because other people are not vaxed?

The basic core concept of a vaccine is that it allows you to be exposed to a germ and not become infected with it. Famously, the definition of “vaccine” was changed all across the internet to accommodate the new mRNA vaccines, but even this new definition contains the word “immunity.”

So, whatever this is – this thing where they claim it only works if everyone takes it, and the unvaxed are a threat to the vaxed – we do not understand it, and there is no explanation for it.

However, this argument does not work in the countries that are already heavily vaxed. Those countries are finding out that the vaccine just doesn’t work, period.

Singapore is a small country of neurotic Chinamen who are too autistic and trusting to suspect that the coronavirus is a gigantic hoax foisted on them by blood-drinking Jew terrorists.

So, the Singaporeans took their shots, and are now finding out that something has gone terribly wrong.

Zero Hedge:

Singapore has just reached a level of vaccination penetration that many other developed economies would envy: 80% of its adult population has been vaccinated. And yet, it continues to struggle with one of the worst outbreaks yet. On Sunday, the nation of 5.7 million people reported 555 new local COVID-19 cases, the most since August 2020. One day prior, Singapore recorded its 58th COVID death, a partially vaccinated 80-year-old man with a history of diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

Rather than lowering restrictions, Singapore’s Ministry of Health last week banned social gatherings at workplaces, allegedly because clusters of workers gossiping around the water cooler led to an outbreak. And in their free time, Singaporeans have been asked to attend one social gathering per day, tops.

Despite Singapore being one of the world’s most heavily vaxxed countries, not much about life has changed for the worst of the COVID pandemic. Alex Cook, an infectious diseases modelling expert at the National University of Singapore, acknowledged that life had not improved “by as much as we might have hoped,” despite Singapore being one of the world’s most vaccinated countries.

A curious thing has happened since Singapore hit 80%, Cook reminds us: “The community cases have actually gone up since reaching 80 per cent coverage, in part because we’re allowing more social events for those who are vaccinated and, I dare say, more fatigue at the control measures,” Cook told the ABC.

I don’t think that’s why.

The easier explanation is that the vaccine simply doesn’t work, and the tests that claimed it worked were forged by pharma companies and Western governments that were obsessed with pushing this vax on the population.

And the outlook isn’t exactly positive: Gan Kim Yong, co-chair of the multi-ministry task force, said the “worrying” spike in infections would “probably get to 2,000 new cases a day,” describing the next two to four weeks as “crucial.”

It’s a lesson that’s not unique to Singapore; “One main lesson from across South-East Asia is that it is incredibly hard to prevent Delta’s spread and, as Singapore shows, even high vaccination rates will not help that much,” Cook added.

Singapore is still finding a lot of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated. At this point, it’s only the latest piece of evidence to suggest that even the revised official efficacy rate of the Pfizer jab just isn’t realistic when we look at the case numbers.

Another scientist said the continued spread is merely a sign that 80% vaccinated is still “too low for delta”. Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious diseases expert from Singapore’s Rophi Clinic, said the Delta strain had moved the goalposts, in terms of what level of community vaccination was necessary.

No government is going to be willing to admit that they got this entire thing wrong, and the vaccine doesn’t work because it’s treating a different disease than the one infecting people.

That is to say: the spike protein is only associated with coronaviruses, and most of the people who were dying “from the coronavirus” were actually dying from the flu. “The coronavirus” is a cold, which is a much more mild respiratory infection.

We’ve got a lot of sunk cost fallacy going on here.

That’s in countries like Singapore, that are not part of the global Great Reset New World Order conspiracy.

What I think these countries can do, and what I would advise them to do if I was an advisor, is say that the coronavirus has gone from “pandemic” to “endemic” and people are just going to have to live with it.

As we have already seen in Sweden, Belarus, Afghanistan, and all of Africa, if you simply stop testing for the virus, you stop being aware that it exists. People will still get respiratory infections, some will go to the hospital and some will die, but the deaths will be the same number they always were, because there was never a new virus.

That is the clear path out for countries that are not using this for the purpose of trying to implement a bizarre new social order and enslave the population in a technetronic control grid.

Even without believing in a conspiracy, the likes of Singapore has to be able to look at the way the billionaires and banks have looted the middle class in America, and wonder about the possibility that the government and media had a different agenda than public health in pushing this extreme virus agenda.