Wisconsin Rises Up After Judge Declares the Democrat Lockdown Hoax Void…!

Wisconsin was the first state to have their Supreme Court declare the lockdown order unconstitutional, and the people wasted no time getting back outside in the world to relax with friends.

The fact that people are immediately rushing out to fill bars again makes me question the polls, which claim that up to 60% of people are still scared of this hoax.


Several West Allis bars immediately reopened for business Wednesday night, just hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the statewide Safer at Home order.

More than a dozen customers were welcomed inside Limanski’s Pub to a sign on the door that read, “Please sanitize your hands upon entering and to remain two bar stools apart unless {you’re} from the same household.”

Inside the pub Wednesday night, drinks were pouring and patrons enjoyed the company of longtime friends. It was much-needed stress relief for regular customer Katie Koutski.

“I have a toddler at home and I’m a full-time nurse so it’s been very stressful and hard to not be able to go out and be with my friends and family at the bars,” Koutski said.

Owner Kathy Goedde said she reopened right after she learned the state Supreme Court struck down the stay-at-home order.

“I was watching the news, and I saw the order was overturned, so I was pretty happy about that, and then I just waited for the Tavern League to send out information and as soon as we got that, I mean, it was awesome,” she said.

Goedde said she reminded patrons to keep a social distance while limiting capacity to a third the bar can hold. Koutski said she didn’t have any concerns about catching coronavirus at the bar.

“I don’t think the risk presents any higher than me going to a grocery store or me being out in the community in any other sort of way,” she said.

The fact that any normal person can figure out that there is no difference between being in a bar and being in a grocery store proves that you have to be a special kind of gullible true believer in the government to have ever bought into this hoax in the first place.

If there ever was a real pandemic, and the government said “just go ahead and all crowd together at the supermarket,” everyone would end up dead. Anyone can see this is a hoax based on the “supermarket loophole” alone.

The Washington Post reported the fact that people were NOT celebrating the end of a fake pandemic – they were celebrating their LIBERATION from the brutal reign of their faggot Democrat governor.

Washington Post:

On Wednesday night in the heart of downtown Platteville, Wis., just hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court threw out the state’s stay-at-home order, Nick’s on 2nd was packed wall to wall, standing room only.

It was sometime after 10 p.m. when “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” by the Hollies came over the sound system and a bartender took out his camera. In a Twitter broadcast, he surveyed the room of maskless patrons crammed together, partying like it was 2019. A few were pounding on the bar to the beat. Some were clapping their hands in the air and some were fist-pumping, a scene so joyous they could have been celebrating the end of the worst pandemic in a century.

Instead, as Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) knew, they were just celebrating the apparent end of his power over them — at least for now.

His power over them.

Why do they have power over us?

We are FREE MEN!

But the WaPo is right about “at least for now” – because this will not last. This is a plot against America, a plot against the people, and they will not be thwarted by one judge saying this hoax is illegal.

Evers the rat is plotting as we speak to once more strip the people of Wisconsin of their freedoms.

“We’re the Wild West,” Evers told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on Wednesday night, reacting to the state Supreme Court’s ruling and the scenes of people partying in bars all across Wisconsin. “There are no restrictions at all across the state of Wisconsin. … So at this point in time … there is nothing that’s compelling people to do anything other than having chaos here.”

Chaos it was.

Right after the Supreme Court’s conservative majority issued a 4-to-3 ruling, invalidating the extension of the stay-at-home order issued by Evers’s appointed state health chief, the Tavern League of Wisconsin instructed its members to feel free to “OPEN IMMEDIATELY!”

With Evers’s statewide orders kaput, local health authorities scrambled to issue or extend citywide or countywide stay-at-home orders, creating a hodgepodge of rules and regulations all across the state that are bound to cause confusion, not to mention some traffic across county lines. It’s a situation unlike any in the United States as the pandemic rages on. But most of all, Evers feared that the court’s order would cause the one thing he was trying to prevent: more death.


Evers is the mommy. He is very worried that the little babies of Wisconsin will make the wrong choices and get hurt.

“I’m the mommy and I must protect my precious little babies,” says Governor Evers the sick pervert.

But I am proud to see the people of Wisconsin rise up, and I truly hope that when Evers once again gets authority to steal the freedoms, the business owners in Wisconsin force him to arrest them.

I want to see a movement across the Midwest demanding liberation.

If the coastal faggots want to live in slavery to CUNT MASTERS, let them do so – we shall not be bowed!

You see, we are all part of a region, that has the same “Midwestern” identity, and that has really been highlighted by this brutal disaster created by the fed government.

We are freedom-lovers and normal people, not into weird things like trannies or flu hoaxes. We should in fact be our own country.

But due to the blacks and out-of-towners moving in, we’ve all fallen to the Democrats (except Illinois kind of always had this issue because of Chicago).

Ohio Mommy “Pedoface”:

Michigan Mommy “Vile Cunt”:

Illinois Mommy “Bulbous Jew”:

Wisconsin Mommy “Limp-Wristed Faggot”:

The only place in our territory that has a Republican governor is Indiana, with Governor Halcomb, but he’s locked down our folks.

He has sort of opened, but with mask rules.

We do not want to wear masks.

We want our freedoms.

Now is the time for the Midwest to declare independence from the federal government by a vote of 2/3rds majority. And only true-born Midwesterners can vote! Not these out-of-towners! And we will hand out liquor and bags of weed in black neighborhoods on the morning of voting day!

We want our freedom from this evil federal government and the time is NOW!

Rise up, Midwest Man!

And if the Canadians try to stop our trade ships on the Saint Lawrence… they will pay the ultimate price!