Wisconsin Man Who Died in Home Explosion Called a White Supremacist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2018

It’s easy, of course, to blame a random dead guy for being a white supremacist planning a terrorist attack.

Good headlines, too.

Fox News:

A Wisconsin man who was killed in an explosion at an apartment complex last month may have been a white supremacist building ISIS-style bombs, authorities say.

Benjamin Morrow, 28, of Beaver Dam, Wis., was found dead in his apartment on March 5 after he blew himself up accidentally while making homemade explosives in his “laboratory,” authorities believe, according to FOX6 Now. When authorities found Morrow, he was lying on the floor in front of his stove, which was still lit.

Authorities investigating the scene deemed Morrow’s apartment a safety hazard and were forced to evacuate. Before demolishing the entire structure on March 15, investigators say they took another look inside Morrow’s apartment and found some unsettling objects.

A pistol, a ballistic helmet, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, long guns and “white supremacist material” were among some of the items recovered from the apartment. Investigators also found a bottle labeled “TATP” in his garage. Triacetone triperoxide is a “volatile chemical compound often used in homemade explosives,” FOX6 Now reported. The chemical is also used to make the “Mother of Satan” bomb used in the terror attack on Manchester stadium last year, the Daily Beast reported.

Beaver Dam police declined to say if Morrow identified as a white supremacist despite the material found.

“It does cause me some concern, but I want to make very clear just because Mr. Morrow was in the possession of this material, does not categorize in any particular light,” Lt. Terrence Gebhardt told CBS 58. “He could have been an individual that was doing research.”

I don’t think this story even sounds real.

I mean, the guy’s home blows up and he dies, he can’t defend himself, and the FBI is always looking everywhere for these mythical white supremacist terrorists.

However, I guess just hearing about this, it’s worthwhile to say: you’re not going to accomplish anything by engaging in acts of violence. Our struggle now is about mainstreaming our ideas, to the point where we can say what we believe without being socially and financially ostracized.

And we are getting closer and closer to that goal every day. All that any kind of violence does is move us further away from that goal.

But again – I see no reason to blame this poor dead guy for planning a terror attack.

It seems totally fake.