HILLARY CLINTON: “Help, I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!”

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

I remember the 2016 meme wars. I was there, at The_Donald, upvoting and reading race-aware people talk about demographics, immigration, and the need to save THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, the United States, from the globohomo agenda.

That was well before the “based imam” and “Israel is our greatest ally” shills successfully cucked the subreddit.

The American Mirror:

She’s fallen before and she’s needed help getting up.

Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton appeared to be wearing a Life Alert emergency button necklace during her recent appearance in New York City.

This brings good memories.

Go ahead, say it.

You know the words.

The Twitter user then noted the necklace looked very similar to the Life Alert emergency device made famous for the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercials.


Is that what she was really wearing?
During her remarks, Clinton again complained of exhaustion, resulting from protesting President Trump.

All those sacrificed babies, and she’s still crooked.

Remember those creepy instagram pictures?

Click here for the full-sized image.

There really is no shortage of weird Hillary Clinton stuff.

Remember the seizures?

She looks like a robot malfunctioning. Totally not organic.

That one’s a classic.


Remember that one? How many of these totally isolated and not common and taken out of context and don’t you worry we’re with her events are there?

Hillary: Trump Used ‘Nostalgia That Would Give Hope to…Millions of White People’ as Factor in Loss

wew lad

There’s something wrong with her eyes, too.

Remember that Philly Speech?

We know she has dementia because Snopes says she doesn’t.

There’s also no guarantee she hasn’t already died. We know she had body doubles.

Pictures taken on the same day, hours appart. (9/11/16)

Those body doubles also play other characters.

Yeah, she’s likely dead already.

Do you have any doubts about it?

How could someone in that state have survived this long? It would be a miracle.

Unless she’s a robot. That could explain it. The piece of metal showed in the above video fell from her body and produced the malfunctions.

But if she’s really a robot, isn’t that… cool?

And if she isn’t a robot, then it’s a miracle. And a miracle is good enough reason to vote for vagina.

Yes, she has dementia. Yes, she’s sick. But she’s surviving. She’s tough. Isn’t that what we really need?

She also has style.

I’m convinced.

I’m with her.

…with her eyes.

Listen now.

She was possessed by a daemon.

You saw it. You know it.

Even then, she failed. It wasn’t enough.

Trump’s light is just too bright.

She couldn’t fulfill her purpose, even after all the blood she has spilled.

Don’t forget a true patriot. His name was Seth Rich.

The whole reason she was still standing on this realm was to act the will of Satan.

Now Satan is displeased. Very, very displeased with her.

She’s falling apart. She’s broken.

And she has failed.

Her connection with the dark world was severed, and now no matter how many babies she kills in blood rituals, she won’t be able to keep it together. Daemons are not good tenants and now she’s all alone suffering the toll of her wicked existence.

She’s fallen from grace.

Once before God, another time before her Prince.

Thus, she is twice damned.

But it’s all good for everyone else.

You will live to see the death of this witch.

Good times, man.