France: Four Cops Drag Freedom Fighter Woman Away for Refusing to Wear Mask

People have been forced to live like prisoners for months, while being told that the Doom Virus could kill everyone at any moment. It is understandable that, after all of that, they’d react badly when the police order them to wear a face mask. Everyone’s stressed out.

But the police don’t care. These brutal enforcers will take any chance to make an example out of anyone who dares to oppose The Antiviral Authority of our rulers.

Daily Mail:

Europe is struggling to maintain discipline after hundreds gathered to watch football in France, a woman was arrested in a clash over masks and Angela Merkel tussled with German states over plans to ‘re-open everything’.

As many as 400 people turned up for a football match in Strasbourg yesterday despite a ban on gatherings of more than ten, sparking alarm from a local mayor who bemoaned their ‘lack of responsibility’.

Elsewhere in France, police wrestled with a woman refusing to wear a mask after she remonstrated with officers and allegedly bit one of them in angry scenes at a market in Aubenas.

As chaos reigned, the woman was dragged along the ground by four officers and eventually forced into a police car – facing charges of violence against the police.

The angry clash in France came after the mayor of Aubenas had ordered compulsory mask-wearing to combat the spread of the disease.

The woman who was dragged away and arrested had confronted police after they swooped on people who were not wearing masks, French media said.

France began easing the lockdown earlier this month but ministers have warned that it could be re-imposed if necessary.

They’re now taking people away for not wearing masks. This is the current stage. The next stage will be taking people away for not having their immunity certificates with them, and people will be required to be injected with what the government alleges is going to be a “coronavirus” vaccine in order to obtain the certificates.

This woman is a hero for defending those resisting the humiliation of being forced to wear a mask, marked, and treated as if rights didn’t exist.

Everyone who resists this is resisting unimaginable evil.

Not even one of these things that Western governments are doing to people is intended to keep the population safe from coronavirus.

The idea that this virus is dangerous is a total hoax. They’re listing people who died in homicides as coronavirus victims, because they can’t find people who are not excessively old and sick dying from the virus — and these very old, sick people would have died of anything else anyways.

Forcing you to avoid human contact and to comply with these insane measures is a strategy that the rulers are using to acquire and consolidate even more power.

The time to resist and protest for your rights is now, while the memory of our rights is still fresh in people’s minds.