WINNING: Nigerian Military Guns Down Rock-Throwing Moslem Traitors to Honor Trump!

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2018

Trump’s racism continues to exacerbate worldwide bigotry. This time, he’s given the NN (Nigerian Niggers) forces the radical idea of defending themselves when someone throws rocks at them.

CBS News:

The Nigerian Army appeared to adopt words used by President Trump this week to justify their own use of deadly force in a crackdown against Muslim protesters.

In a tweet, which has since been deleted, the Nigerian Army shared a video of Mr. Trump’s ominous warning to migrants traveling in a U.S.–bound caravan that if they throw rocks, U.S. troops will respond with lethal force. They captioned it: “Please Watch and Make your Deductions.”

Rocks are deadly. So their use of deadly force should come as no surprise. But that’s not the point. The point is that this is Trump’s fault.

Everything that happens in this world is the fault of the white man. Be it good, bad, or ugly.

If it’s good, we made it.

If it’s bad or ugly, we allowed it.

We could strike down every wicked creature tomorrow if we wanted to. We have the most powerful military, the best warriors, and the best minds.

We could end evil.

We just have to unite.

But the Jews have done a great job at keeping us apart. People are too focused on goodgoy stuff like Netflix and hypnotized with low-vibration nigger “music” to realize what’s happening, and those that do realize what’s happening are likely too busy working themselves into perpetual debt to do something about it. Such is the life of the normie.

We meme for the future, then.

The Internet is our platform. It’s like a country – no, a world – of its own, where we still have pirates and where thought-smugglers expose model citizens to wrong-think. We’re the vanguard that pushes back against the attack on our people and our culture, and we have to keep this battlefield clean and our meme-machines operational.

We can’t give up this position.

…so jump into the fray.