Wine Aunts Buy Australian Wine to Show Support Against Chinese Meme Attack

The story so far…


Affluent middle-aged white women are buying Australian wine to demonstrate that they don’t take kindly to Chinese memes against Australia, even as Australia continues to make accusations against its own soldiers.

Sydney Morning Herald:

Millions of people around the world are being urged to buy an Australian bottle of wine or two, as a way of showing Chinese President Xi Jinping that the world will not be intimidated by his “bullying of Australia”.

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), comprising more than 200 MPs from a range of political parties and representing 19 country legislatures, has launched a campaign to convince people to buy and drink Australian wine in December, as a show of solidarity.

It comes after China slapped tariffs of up to 212 per cent against Australian wine producers, which Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said would spell a “hellishly tough time for Australia’s winemakers.”

The global alliance of cross-party representatives, who have banded together to try to counter China’s increasing aggression particularly against Australia, released a video in which MPs from Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States and even Australia’s wine-producing rival New Zealand, among others, urge their citizens to enjoy an Australian drop. The video is subtitled in Chinese and English.

It also features footage of Zhao Lijian, the Chinese government spokesman and Foreign Ministry official, who posted an inflammatory tweet on Monday showing a fabricated image of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of a child.

As this is happening, Australia released a photo of the supposed abuses in question.

The Guardian:

Senior Australian special forces soldiers drank beer out of the prosthetic leg of a dead Taliban soldier at an unauthorised bar in Afghanistan – with a photograph of the act being revealed for the first time by Guardian Australia.

A number of photographs obtained by the Guardian show one senior soldier – who is still serving – sculling from the leg in an unofficial bar known as the Fat Lady’s Arms, which was set up inside Australia’s special forces base in Tarin Kowt, the capital of Uruzgan province, in 2009.

Another appears to show two soldiers performing a dance with the leg.

The sculling picture is the first to be published that confirms previous reports of the practice of using the leg as a drinking vessel.

Some soldiers say the practice was widely tolerated by officers at high levels and even involved some of them. This was despite the limb potentially being a war trophy – an item Australian soldiers were forbidden to remove from the battlefield, let alone keep.

The situation has angered rank-and-file soldiers who say they have been unfairly criticised in the Brereton report for embracing such a culture and practices despite officers being aware of them for years. The Brereton report found a “warrior culture” had contributed to an environment in which war crimes were allegedly committed.

The leg is believed to have belonged to a suspected Taliban fighter killed during an SASR 2 squadron assault on two compounds and a tunnel complex at Kakarak in Uruzgan in April 2009.

It was then allegedly taken from the battlefield and kept in the Fat Lady’s Arms, where visitors would sometimes use it to drink from.

Yes, we can’t have soldiers developing a warrior culture. That’s a threat to human rights. Goyim soldiers are simply to kill the enemies of the Jews as nicely as possible, and not ask any questions, such as, “what did these people ever do to me?”

But shaming these soldiers is purely for the government of Australia, the United Nations, the Jewish media and the Jews themselves. China has no right to make memes about this.

If China does make memes about it, however, well then – watch out.

A wine-drinking ritual will commence.