William Cooper: Yet Another “Not the Jews” Shill

Total Fascism
May 3, 2013

The aliens agree: Jews are not the problem.
The aliens agree: Jews are not the problem.

Within the “truth movement,” even certain aspects of the almost hardcore antisemitic wing, I have continually seen a deification of the figure of William Milton Cooper. This is obviously mainly due to his being dead. However, with all respect for the deceased, I would like to assert that nothing this man said mattered, and that all of the hysteria surrounding him is irresponsible and unhelpful. Though it is pretty clear that he was genuinely schizophrenic, rather than something more devious, he ultimately amounted to nothing more than the Alex Jones of the 80s and 90s.

Bill Cooper was an obese “patriot” Jew-denying radio host before it was cool. He claimed to be an U.S. Air Force veteran, and said that while working in AF intelligence, he was given secret information about a supposed alien threat. He went on to talk about this forever, along with a bunch of other silly gibberish. Towards the end of his life, he decided that there really were no aliens, that they were a creation of the mysterious and undefinable secret group, the Illuminati. It made perfect sense that this invisible threat that you could never hope to fight or even know anything about would invent an invisible threat that you could never hope to fight or even know anything about in order to cover its tracks.

William Cooper was so obsessed with the grey aliens, he married an Asian woman so that his children would look like grey aliens.
William Cooper was so obsessed with the grey aliens, he married an Asian woman so that his children would look like grey aliens.

Along with aliens, Cooper pushed “race doesn’t exist” nonsense, which apparently justified his unholy marriage to a Chinese woman. Even after he denied the existence of aliens, he continued to push UFO nonsense, switching from claiming that they were aliens to that they were secret government projects stolen from the “Nazis,” and sticking to claims that he had seen several of these vehicles with his own eyes. He also claimed that the limousine driver, William Greer, turned around and shot Kennedy in the face, and it was later shown that he had edited the Zapruder Film to justify his idiot claim. The nonsense goes on and on.

The amount of totally insane gibberish in his Behold a Pale Horse book leads me to believe – or at least to hope – that most of those promoting him as some type of hero of the “truth movement” are not familiar with much of what he actually promoted.

In the 90s, after dropping out of the UFO subculture, he tried to buddy up with the militia groups in America. Most of these groups were already talking ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government) way back then, so Jew denial became a core focus of his, as he tried to convince that clear minded good old boys of the militia movement that the true enemy was a secret group of shadow people who no one could ever hope to identify.

Here is a video where he explicitly says it’s not the Jews.


I will admit that ten years ago when I listened to Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series, I enjoyed it. At the time of recording that, he had settled down about most of the really insane stuff with holograms being everywhere, aliens fighting against Jesus and “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” mind-control beam nonsense. But what content is actually there? There is certainly entertainment, and at least parts of it are based on actual history, but the slant he puts on it nullifies any real facts. It is, on the whole, completely irrelevant.

“William Cooper Predicted 9/11”

Along with his prediction that Satan-worshipers were going to fake the return of Christ using holograms, William Cooper did technically “predict” that Osama bin Laden would be used in a false flag operation against the United States (note that he, like Jones, when describing the ruling elite – who anyone with two eyes in their head and two brain cells to rub together knows are Jews – refers to them as “Nazis”).

One should remember, when listening to this allegedly amazing piece of prophecy, that Osama bin Laden had repeatedly been used for this purpose – including a 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center – over the course of a decade. Given this, it didn’t take much to see that with the way the US intelligence and media were building it up, there was something coming in the near future.

Cooper’s spiritual successor, Alex Jones, is also celebrated by his cult members for having predicted a false flag blamed on Osama bin Laden.

Note that he is really just throwing “prophecy” stuff around, hoping something will stick, as he does nearly every broadcast. I have heard people forward theories that Jones got this secret prediction from his secretive handlers – this is silly. He doesn’t even say “Osama bin Laden is going to attack the World Trade Center again,” he simply mentions that he was used in the 1993 WTC attack, and might be used in another attack on New York.

As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Cooper, like Jones, was a paranoia monger, who was constantly preaching the End of Days. All in all, there is nothing particularly magical about this bit of much touted truth movement mythology.

“William Cooper Exposed Alex Jones”

One thing that the antisemites who have a liking for Cooper will claim is that he “exposed Alex Jones.” But what did he actually say?

All that I hear is stuff that should be obvious to anyone who has ever heard a single broadcast of Alex Jones. It isn’t exactly revolutionary to point out that the man is a complete sensationalist. You will note that he also says that Jones “could be the best” if he would just stop sensationalizing and fear-mongering for ratings. From where I’m sitting, Alex Jones would still be a sit-around-and-complain waste of time, even if he wasn’t predicting the end of the world as we know it every single day.

The only thing that Cooper “exposed” were the methods of Alex Jones. He didn’t mention the lies he presents, because Cooper believed those lies himself.

Not a Martyr

William Cooper was severely mentally ill. Something so straightforward as a racial enemy did not appeal to him. There is no “cause” that he can even be linked to, save that of deranged psychotics rambling incoherently. The fact that he opposed a corrupt government is largely incidental. Schizophrenics traditionally had delusions relating to religion, as that was the paradigm of their time; modern schizophrenics have delusions relating to the government and space aliens. That is just the situation.

Race traitor Cooper stuffing his face with his Chinese wife and hapa child.
Can somebody pass the soy sauce? William Cooper with his Chinese wife and hapa child in an old fashioned American diner, pretending his lifestyle choice is normal.

He was not a martyr. He died because his insane delusions led him to murder a cop who came to collect on a totally valid warrant. Cooper was a long time fugitive, with a federal arrest warrant put out by the US Marshall’s Service, but it was the Apache County Sheriff’s Department who came to arrest him at his Eagar, Arizona home on November 5, 2001, for completely unrelated aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment charges that had resulted from his having repeatedly threatened people who he saw out his window and thought were part of a secret conspiracy against him.

William Milton Cooper Killed - News Article - Wanted militia member killed after shooting deuty trying to arrest himThis had absolutely zero to do with statements made by Bill Clinton about Cooper. It is possible, if not likely, that the Apache County sheriff would have let him go on bail without even contacting the US Marshals, but Cooper, being a paranoid schizophrenic, had created a complex religious ideology that put him as a persecuted Christ figure who must die for his cause – only in this story, the persecutors weren’t the same as they were with Christ; instead of Jews, he was dealing with aliens and ancient Freemasonic Mystery people, apparently represented by local law enforcement.

The reality is that if the Jews had the capacity to bring this man back from the dead, they absolutely would. They love nothing more than the sort of confusing and pointlessly circular gibberish that Cooper peddled, as it serves to endlessly distract the masses from the men who are right up on TV, ruling over them in plain view.

Nothing that William Cooper did or said matters at all to what we are presently trying to accomplish, and it is my hope that I will stop seeing his name brought up from here on in.