Will the Economic Collapse Lead to a Marxist Utopia?

We have still yet to receive a clear answer with regards to this issue.

I have now officially seen leftists promoting the idea that the total economic collapse caused by this virus is going to lead to a Marxist utopia where no one works and the government gives us all UBI money.

Well, this same government that is supposed to do that can’t even give small businesses money when we still have some semblance of order. They do the old switcheroo and give the money to large corporations.


Shake Shack, the U.S.-based burger chain, will return its entire $10 million loan from the U.S. government, the company’s leaders said in a statement, amid widespread criticism over who got access to the funds aimed at saving small businesses before they were depleted.

More than a dozen publicly traded companies with revenue topping $100 million received funds before the program ran out of money, according to a Bloomberg review of regulatory filings. Lawmakers in Congress are said to be near an agreement to top up the loan program, while also providing new funds for hospitals and coronavirus testing.

“Shake Shack was fortunate last Friday to be able to access the additional capital we needed to ensure our long term stability through an equity transaction in the public markets,” said Chief Executive Officer Randy Garutti and Danny Meyer, the founder and chairman of Shake Shack and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group.

“We’re thankful for that and we’ve decided to immediately return the entire $10 million PPP loan we received last week,” the pair said, “so that those restaurants who need it most can get it now.”

The sight of big companies getting aid while mom-and-pops complained they’d been frozen out of funding has sparked criticism of who was rescued by taxpayer dollars and who wasn’t.

The rest of the companies are not giving it back and Shake Shack is simply doing a publicity stunt.

I’m not impressed. Shake Shack can take their mediocre burgers and stupid post-modern architecture and go straight to hell.

Promoting socialism in America is utterly nonsensical. The same people calling for socialism point out how totally corrupt the government is, but then say that they want socialism to give the government vastly expanded abilities to tax the middle class and give the money to corporations.

It’s the old meme.

All of these policies that the socialists are calling for all the time are so easily exploited, and will be exploited. Obamacare was just a massive handout to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that the middle class had to pay for.

The idea that the government will use a lockdown to collapse the economy and put everyone out of work, and then the government will become good and pay for everyone’s life while they don’t work, just doesn’t make any sense at all.

Trump did give the one single $1,200 check – but the Democrats tried to stop that!

The government is not going to respond to the collapse of the economy by giving everyone free money. They are going to give all of that money to Jewish bankers.

They will probably do something to keep people from starving, and they will provide some form of mass homeless shelter program. Probably. But government soup and a bunk bed, that’s it. They’re not going to just give you money and let you stay in your house.

There is not even one single person in the government that could make this happen.

AOC has now completely sold out. Already. Jimmy Dore has been covering this. Very angrily.

Trump would probably be on board with it, but he is inept and surrounded by bloodsucking Jews.

These bizarre reddit cope narratives are emerging now that people are finally beginning to discuss the fact that the economy has completely collapsed, and they are all dumb.

There is no good outcome here, unless society just totally collapses in on itself. And that is only “good” in the sense of “good for history.” It certainly isn’t good for us. We are going to have to live through an absolute hell for a decade before we finally get to ride around on horses kidnapping women and forcing them into sexual slavery.