Will Marlon Bundo Have the Authority to Pardon Donald J. Thump?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2018

Pressure is coming down on Donald J. Thump, a cartoon rabbit who has been accused by the internet police of SERIAL KIDNAPPING, which as you may know is an internet felony.

Thump has been caught kidnapping children (in a serialized fashion) at the Mexican border. Mike Pence will be able to pardon Thump on the federal charges, but on the state charges… that will be up to Marlon Bundo, who is the only rabbit who can keep Thump from spending the rest of his life in Toontown jail.

Thump, who is originally from the flips and thus an Asian cartoon (AKA anime, last bastion of nazism), has previously been in trouble with the internet police for making a neon-nazi children’s book which promoted white supremacy and so on.

He is now working on a neon-nazi comic book with Chuck Dixon about Donald Trump in outer space.

But it’s going to hard to finish that up from behind cartoon bars, with these serial child kidnapping charges looming over his head, which he’s been charged with by people on Twitter.