Will Gorsuch Save Our Guns and Crack Down on the Faggots?

Daily Stormer
April 8, 2017

You can take them from my cold, dead hands.

Supreme court justices don’t normally have an immediate impact on anything, since they kind of just sit there and work on cases that are brought to them over the years.

However, Neil Gorsuch will have several hyper-political questions under examination right away.

Everyone is going to be very anxious to see what he does.

Washington Post:

Within the week, Gorsuch will join his new colleagues in considering whether to hear two lower-court defeats being appealed by gun rights organizations. A case about whether business owners may refuse to offer their wedding services to same-sex couples awaits resolution. Soon, the justices will take up North Carolina’s request that they overturn a decision tossing out as unconstitutional its tightened voting restrictions.

And heading toward the court is Trump’s revamped travel ban on refugees and certain immigrants, a case that Senate Democrats said will test Gorsuch’s independence from the man who chose him for the high court.

Of course, they’re framing it like the only reason Gorsuch would possibly rule that the travel ban is constitutional would be if he’s a shill for Trump.

In reality, the question of the “constitutionality” of the travel ban is just some hoax question. Travel bans are outside of the Constitution’s jurisdiction because, as it turns out, the constitution doesn’t grant rights to non-citizens – especially aliens living abroad.

What’s next? Does the Constitution apply to monkeys, plankton and aliens from Zeta-Reticuli?


“One notable difference between this nomination and those past is that Trump had clear, stated litmus tests for his nominee,” said Elizabeth Wydra, president of the liberal Constitutional Accountability Center, which opposed Gorsuch’s confirmation. “Gorsuch will have the opportunity almost immediately to demonstrate just how closely he fits within two of President Trump’s stated litmus tests for his high-court nominee — guns and religion.”

Religion is really a code-word for the God-given right to discriminate against GRIDS-faggots, here.

He’s not expected to cuck on any of this.