Will Deadpool 2 Repent of the Chauvinistic White Heterosexual Maleness of the First Film?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2017

After the release of the first Deadpool film, Jews complained that it was a film designed to appeal to straight white males – and they complained that it made money doing this.

Most mega-blockbuster films these days are about forcing diversity and other Jewish ideologies down people’s throats.

The first Deadpool movie had pretty much none of that – it was simply an 80s-style action film, featuring handsome and masculine white male lead and an attractive white female lead, with a lot of violence and a teenagey comedy angle. This is a dying breed of film, because Hollywood Jews have decided making money is secondary to their political agenda. Of course, they still try to make money, but the social agenda comes first.

This has become an ongoing quandary, especially given that overseas audiences – in particular, the Chinese, who are now the world’s biggest film market – openly and vocally prefer white characters in their Hollywood films. Last year, the Jew Bill Maher was criticized as racist for calling the Chinese racist over this preference.

Given this financial dynamic, and the very serious push over the last 3-4 years to make every film social-indoctrination first and entertainment second, I am very interested to see what happens with Deadpool 2.

Star Kikes

The new Jewish Disney Star Wars trilogy films are deliberately some of the most diverse films ever made. JJ Abrams, the Jewish director, said explicitly that he wanted to make the films as non-white as possible.

The films also replace the archetypal female character – a princess who needs a masculine male to save her – with a grrrl power feminist badass – who is also romantically involved with a Negroid.

Last year’s standalone Star Wars film, Rouge One, had no white male characters at all.

With the second film in the Abrams trilogy, it has been announced that Luke Skywalker – a childhood hero for pretty much everyone reading this, whether you admit it or not – is going to be made into a homosexual.

The newest Transformers film is about an empowered little Mexican girl femsplaining men and gigantic robots.

The Fast and Furious series does contain “toxic masculinity” – but it’s men who are various shades of brown who are allowed to demonstrate it.

They had one white male character but the actor died so now they don’t have any – other than Jason Strathham in a minor role, as a bad guy.

This new DC Universe of films is just horrible. The movies are not even watchable. While they do still have a white Superman and Batman, the general push is diversity.

Suicide Squad applied the aesthetic of Limp Bizcuit and Korn to Disney’s “Small Small World” ride.

The latest film, Wonder Woman, featuring a Jewish actress, was the most aggressive feminist propaganda film in history, portraying a society of only women as a paradise, ruined by evil men and their diabolical sex drives.

The Marvel Universe films (along with the Sony-owned X-Men and Spider-Man franchises that they are now combining with) are not as kiked as the Star Wars series, and now as diverse as Fast and Furious and not as horrible as the DC Universe films, but they are still pretty bad, overall.

The newest X-Men film, Wolverine 3, did feature that dying concept of a strong white male lead, but contained a pro-immigration/brown victim narrative.

Also, a little girl as an empowered, violent killer capable of slaughtering dozens of white men at a time. It wasn’t clear if the girl was supposed to be Mexican (she spoke Spanish, but the actress was white – she was supposed to be a clone of Wolverine birthed by a Mexican woman, so it wasn’t clear if she had the birth mother’s genes or not).

The new Spider-Man features a mulatto love interest for Peter Parker.

Monkey-Jane Watson.

This is a compromise between agenda and money after the Jews were pushing for a Negroid Spider-Man. The last Spider-Man was Jewish. This one is a beta-male white in a sexual relationship with a dominant brown female. The rest of the cast is brown.

Other than Jason Bourne and James Bond – which do still exist – Deadpool is the last classic white heterosexual male character.

So it will be interesting to see if they choose the agenda over the money with this upcoming sequel.

The cast is mainly white, again.

Josh Brolin will play Cable.

Which, as a fan of these comics growing up, I think is a very good choice.

The character of Domino will be replaced by a Negress.

Because you gotta do that to at least one character.

It’s a minor character. And not a love interest of Deadpool’s.

The lover interest remains Italian Morena Baccarin.

But here’s the thing.

The Jews are pushing for Deadpool to be “bisexual” in the new film.

I suppose we could take bets on whether they do that or not.

I think they probably will. They will probably do it in such a way as it is subtle, so that only the American audience will pick up on it. So as not to offend the Chinese, who hate gays as much as they hate blacks.

It will be interesting to see.

As I say, Jason Bourne and James Bond do still exist, but they exist as relics of the past. And as the reader is probably aware, there is a push to make Bond black soon. I don’t know that they will pull that off this round. I think we’re going to get one more white male Bond, in all likelihood. Daniel Craig may or may not be in the next one, but if he is that will be his last and he will probably be replaced by Tom Hardy. The Jews are happy with those films serving as anti-Russian propaganda that the whole world loves.

In fact, they are discussing Christopher Nolan directing the next Bond film. This would make sense, as he is the last great director making explicitly white films, so the Jews can pair them off in the “because we have to do this” corner of the film industry. Nolan’s latest film, to be released next month, is about the evacuation of Dunkirk during WWII (it is titled “Dunkirk”). It features only white actors, but hey – it’s anti-Nazi propaganda.

Of the new generation of films, Deadpool is the last classic action hero.

Kiking him is probably too much for the Jews to resist.

The film is not due out until June 1, 2018, but we’ll probably hear if he’s a half-faggot (????) before then.