Will 2021 See a Full Return of Wholesomeness in Kpop?

I was as excited as anyone that TWICE was releasing a new top hit late last year. But we must admit that these women are aging, and look forward to the future of Kpop, which in 2019 and 2020 was making a swift turn towards garbage, as producers were apparently being influenced by the porno pop of the West.

Granted, nothing released in Korea was nearly as bad as Cardi B or Ariana Grande, but we were seeing a move in that direction.

Thankfully, there is a new generation of Kpop, and it isn’t all devolving into that weird ultra sexualized feminist empowerment rap nonsense.

The Independent (Singapore):

aespa, the rookie girl group under SM Entertainment is returning with a remake single.

The group announced officially on Jan 29 their plans to release a remake of Yoo Young Jin’s 2000 hit song Forever next week. The track will be released online on Feb 5 at 6 pm KST.

Forever will showcase an entirely different side of aespa from their powerful debut track, Black Mamba. The song is a mid-tempo ballad with an acoustic guitar sound and warm lyrics about promising forever to a loved one.

Yoo Young Jin, who first released “Forever” as part of SM Entertainment’s holiday album “Winter Vacation in SMTOWN.com” back in 2000, is said to have personally rearranged the song for the girl group, according to Soompi on Jan 29.

Black Mamba did have an element of that rap influence, but it was certainly more wholesome than much of the garbage that has been released by newer Kpop groups.

Many may not recall Yoo Young-jin, because he’s a man, but “Forever” is a classic normal pop song.

Things were looking a bit dark with the latest stuff from BlackPink, Red Velvet and (g)i-dle, but I think the release of the newest TWICE song has pushed the industry back towards wholesomeness.

Everything seems to be swinging back in that direction.

IU just released a single last week that was 100% pure wholesomeness.

My call for Kpop girl group of 2021 remains Weekly.

Though they have yet to announce a new single.