Will 2016 be the Year of the Great Shutdown?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2016

WordPress was one of the last holdouts on freedom of speech. Several semi-prominent pro-White and otherwise politically incorrect blogs are hosted there presently – but one just went down on a ToS violation.


Murder by Media was not calling for violence or doing anything else illegal. This was simply a blog that reported on Jewish criminality and the war on the White race, and it is being shut down for that reason alone.

Presumably, WordPress will soon move to shut down every other politically incorrect blog on their services (at least any big enough to have been flagged by Jews). Usually, they don’t do these things all at once, but slowly. We saw this with the recent Reddit shut down – they went in rounds. A trickling shutdown.

The Whole Wide Web

The interest was supposed to be a magical place of unlimited free speech for everyone where the world would finally come together. For the last few years, however (especially in the last year), everything is about silencing people.

This is guaranteed to get worse in 2016, and I am hereby predicting it is going to get much worse.

I advise you to save your progress now. Because it's going to be rough from here on in.
I advise you to save your progress now. Because it’s going to be rough from here on in.

As the reader is probably aware, I am the most banned person of all. I have been banned from PayPal and virtually every other popular online payment system, I’ve been kicked off webhosts, my upstream servers have been blocked, I was banned from Twitter, and most recently, and perhaps most bizarrely, I was banned from using the disqus comments system (first time that’s happened to a political site).

Your freedoms, goyim.
We’ve disqused it with the Jews. We’re going to have to shut you down, goyim.

Basically, I predict that all the rest of the politically incorrect sites are going to be subject to “The Anglin Treatment,” and have all their crap shut down.

I’m basically a man with nothing left to lose, so I’m not worried. But all the rest of you who run blogs and vlogs and what have ye should be worried.

The walls are closing in.

I tried to warn you about the walls closing in.
I tried to warn you about the walls closing in.

They’re coming for your YouTube channel, your PayPal, your disqus comments. They’re coming for all of it. So make arrangements. Come up with a game plan.

And all you normal users – get ready to find something other to do than Twitter and Facebook.

It has even been rumored that Cloudflare may bend to pressure and start shutting down “hate” sites, which will result in everyone getting ddosed by Anonymous Jews.

Stay Strong – We’re Winning

No, chill. Just relax.
No, chill. Just relax.

Don’t let the shutdown get you down, comrades.

In fact, it should raise your spirits. It is quite plainly an admission that they are losing. If they were winning, they would simply say “oh those silly internet fascists, look at them they’re so pathetic with their websites, ho-ho-ho!” Instead they are grinding their teeth, calling meetings with Zuckerberg and Dorsey.

These Jews believe they can put cats back into bags.

As we know, it is scientifically impossible to return a cat to a bag he has been released from.

My God. It's full of kikes.
My God. It’s full of kikes.

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