Wilders Reaches Out to Farage

Daily Stormer
May 4, 2014

Geert Wilders is reaching out to Nigel Farage. I’m okay with this. But Wilders has already aligned with Le Pen, who Farage, according to his own statements, considers some sort of Jew-hating terrorist.


Geert Wilders, founder of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), told Sky News: “I hope that after the elections in May … Mr Farage and my party … can work together because I know one thing: if we really want to be a good advocate of all those millions of voters (who) cast their vote not against Europe but against the European Union, that they would benefit more if we were able to overstep our shadows and work together.”

The 50-year-old politician is the subject of a fatwa and death threats from al Qaeda affiliates for his comments on Islam, has already proposed a deal with Ms Le Pen, who runs the Front Nationale, to unite their parties.

Both propose reigning in immigration, leaving the single currency and taking their respective countries out of the EU altogether, while continuing to access the single market.

It is an uncompromising position which appears to have chimed with many voters.

Polls in France and the Netherlands put the parties in either first or second place of those intending to vote in this month’s parliamentary elections.

I sincerely hope all of these people are able to act responsibly.

I wonder how they are going to deal with the hardcore Antisemetic generals who are going to be serving for Greece in the European Parliament?