Wild Pigs Sack Rome

It’s like something out of… The Bible.


Rome has been invaded by Gauls, Visigoths and vandals over the centuries, but the Eternal City is now grappling with a rampaging force of an entirely different sort: rubbish-seeking wild boars.

Entire families of wild boars have become a daily sight in Rome, as groups of 10-30 beasts young and old emerge from the vast parks surrounding the city to trot down traffic-clogged streets in search of food in Rome’s notoriously overflowing rubbish bins.

Posting wild boar videos on social media has become something of a sport as exasperated Romans capture the scavengers marching past their stores, strollers or playgrounds.

Well, I’m sure the pigs are better than the previous inhabitants.

Or actually, I mean, Italians are okay, no?

I have been there a couple of times, and everyone seemed okay. They seem an easy-going sort. Though there was a major language barrier, and for all I know they could have been laughing jollily while saying “it’s really time to start really, really injecting babies with vaccines and tranny hormones.”

I always have it in my mind that they’re okay, but then I see “ITALIANS DO TOTAL FORCED VAX, THERE CAN BE NO ESCAPE.” That really makes me wonder.

Anyway, we could do the part about how wild animals are taking over cities because of people retreating from the virus… that’s a good bit we do every week here on Hoax Watch… but the other thing is that people actually like to eat wild pigs, so this might be also due to gun control – or should I say “rifle control,” as Europeans literally restrict ownership of hunting rifles.


I don’t care anymore.

Up the pigs.