Wild Ape Strangles His Coalburner to Death, Then Kills Himself by Jumping in a River

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2019

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The death certificate for Hannah Keyes, 28, reveals she died of compression to the neck and chest.

Keyes was found dead in her Audette Street apartment on Nov. 2 during a welfare check. Police called the death suspicious but said they found nothing suspicious inside. Her two children were also found inside and were OK.

Her fianc√© and the father of her children, Keith Gaston, 32, was wanted as a “person of interest” in her death but police say he jumped into the Winooski River the day before her body was found, killing himself.

Keith Gaston and Hannah Keyes.

Police were called to check on Keyes when she didn’t show up for work. They said they found the interior door that led into her apartment open. Winooski Police Chief Rick Hebert said they found Keyes’ body inside and her 3- and 4-year-old children sleeping on the couch.

Gaston’s body has not been found.

We reached out to the Vermont Department of Health to find out what exactly death by compression to the neck and chest means. Medically speaking, it could be the result of a wide range of injuries and it’s up to police investigators to figure that out. We reached out to the Winooski police to find out more but had not yet heard back when this story was published.