WikiLeaks Publishes Docs Proving OPCW Investigation Into Alleged Syria Chemical Weapons Use in Douma was a Hoax

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2019

WikiLeaks has just published documents further revealing how the investigation into the alleged 2018 Syrian chemical weapons incident that took place in Douma was rigged. The documents detail how a senior official at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ordered the deletion of a report showing how toxicologists found no evidence of chlorine gas exposure.

So who exactly is this Sebastien Braha character that ordered the deletion of this report?

Turns out he is the Chief of Cabinet of the Director General of the OPCW. So it is safe to say that he is a fairly high level figure within the OPCW.

He has a LinkedIn profile and as you can see he looks like a very trustworthy individual.

Weird how he seems to have a slight resemblance to this fellow, is it not?

But I guess we shouldn’t read too much into that, should we?

Whatever the case, ordering the deletion of this report by Braha is just a part of the chicanery the OPCW was involved in. WikiLeaks has published a great deal of information over the past several months showing all sorts of troubling behavior within the internal workings of the OPCW.

It’s clear that their top management was under political pressure to provide a report that fit in with the larger Jewish narrative that was being promoted. That narrative being that Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad just decided to gas children for no logical reason. This is why they dismissed the real findings of the actual experts and manipulated the outcome of their final report to fit the propaganda.

At the time, you may remember how the Jewish media repeatedly played weird video footage of children getting sprayed with water hoses. They literally told everybody that this bizarre footage was surefire proof that Assad was gassing children.

And after investigating the incident for months, a BBC producer named Riam Dalati concluded that the footage of this alleged chemical weapons attack was a staged hoax.

Even though anybody of average intelligence could see that this whole thing was a hoax from the start, the investigation by that BBC producer pretty much sealed the deal.

But this OPCW document leak is highly embarrassing and damaging for the ZOG power structure. Especially considering that the United States, France and the United Kingdom launched joint missile strikes against Syria over this dumb hoax. They didn’t even bother to wait for any sort of investigation, not even this rigged one by the OPCW. They just saw the hoax video broadcast on Jewish media outlets and quickly ordered the attack.

Whatever the case, this sorry situation proves that the OPCW has zero credibility and is just another political body advancing the agenda of international Jewry. No future investigation they undertake can ever be taken seriously again.