Wikileaks: Louise Mensch of “Edgy Conservative” Heat Street is Secretly Supporting Hillary Clinton

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2016


Heat Street is a “principled conservative” and “Never Trump” website run by a bunch of Jews looking to disseminate neo-con ideas to young people in a post-modern, hip way. A favorite propaganda tactic by Jews looking to get people on board with what the government or plutocracy seeks is to dress conformity up as rebellion, as seen with Huffington Post type of headlines: “BRAVE: Queer goes in front of his school auditorium and announces that he likes to take it in the butt” – when we all know that the real rebellious act would be screaming “FAG” and weathering the triggered avalanche by the media and bureaucrats who will crucify you for it.

Heat Street is an abject failure and nobody goes to their website. The Trump phenomenon has forced these Jew for Goy sites to make their agendas quite transparent, and like all other “conservative” media platforms looking to get Hillary Clinton elected (whether overtly or passively by undermining Trump), everyone now knows that these Jews have been manipulating them the entire time.

Unsurprisingly, “conservative” Ted Cruz supporting Jew-convert Louise [unter]Mensch of Heat Street has been exposed as being in secret contact with the Clinton campaign, giving them tips on what kind of ads to run and exchanging ideas on how to make Trump lose. For any morons out there who think Jews right, left, up or down have any principles except preserving their own race as unquestioned globalist overlords, Wikileaks shows their real face to the world:

From: Louise Mensch <<>>
Date: February 14, 2016 at 11:25:16 AM MST
To: Michael Kives <<>>
Cc: Peter Mensch <<>>
Subject: Hillary ad
Dear Michael, As you will know from Arnold I am a committed Republican (or would be if I had the vote this year). But I worry no end about Donald Trump becoming our President… much rather have your girl Hillary. Anyway, the politician in me thinks Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem are nails on a chalkboard to the average American woman AND I think Hillary is not capitalizing on the yearning that we have to see a woman as President properly. Her competence and intelligence are beyond doubt, her problem is warmth. If I may, here is an ad I would love to see run;


A succession of mostly young women, a few old women, one with a baby daughter, multiracial and multi-occupation, to include a nurse and a woman in uniform of some kind where permitted… one after the other, smiling and looking to camera and saying ‘It’s our time.’ and the last woman says, ‘It’s our time. I’m with her.’ fade to banner credit ‘Hillary 2016’ —- That would be inspirational, aspirational, and the kind of riff you really need on ‘Yes we can’. Best, Louise — Louise Mensch +1 917 821 1757

This says a lot about the actual purpose of the “Principled Conservative” Martian/Shebrew ticket working to chip away at Trump’s electoral votes in Utah, which [unter]Mensch has oriented the entire editorial line of Heat Street to accomplishing. Let that sink in, there are entire publications run by Jews like Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard and now Heat Street that at the moment exist for the sole purpose of figuring out a way to game Mormon smart-stupids into voting against Trump in a single red state.


If Trump loses in November, the blame will fall square on the shoulders of America’s Jewish population – whether “left” or “right.” Have the facts ready for the worst case scenario of the most popular figure to ever run for president since Andrew Jackson losing the election because he lost Utah’s five electoral votes.

It’s astonishing how many angles and how much money Jews of all types are utilizing to undermine Trump directly, but also on the margins.  It’s truly unprecedented in American history, but they better watch out, because if people put two and two together, the backlash could be historically unprecedented as well.