Wikileaks: Jewish Engineer of Trump Rape Hoaxes Conspiring with Clinton Campaign

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2016


The Anti-Defamation League has once again violated its tax-exemption (make sure to report them to the IRS) by shoving it’s big schnoz into the 2016 Presidential race. This time around, the ADL’s grievance is that it is anti-Semitic to condemn globalization, political corruption and a tightly controlled mass media dedicated to promoting all these policies and people Americans hate – because the nerve center of this problem is basically a bunch of Jews.

Jews in the media insist that there is no conspiracy to engineer a Hillary Clinton victory this November, and that Trump’s implications are mere racist paranoia. Thankfully, Wikileaks is putting all the proof out there showing that, yes, almost every single Jew in America with any kind of influence – from newspaper columnists to big shot (((civil rights attorneys))) – is being activated to sabotage the election, and use extra-legal mafia tactics to intimidate anyone who comes out in support of Trump.

One can look at Youtube “celebrity” Jew Casey Neistat’s video encouraging his followers to bully commentators into endorsing Hillary Clinton to see how far-reaching the tribal call to action has gone. To an extent, one can admire the amount of discipline shown by these people: they are willing to lose money, alienate half of their fans, and even throw their credibility to the wolves just to protect pan-Judah’s hive in Washington, DC. The Jewish strategy of polarizing by any means necessary is something America’s Anglo-Saxon cultural core – which is prone to a “Can’t We All Just Get Along” type of effeminate glee club mindset – cannot engage with successfully if not altered into a mirror reflection.

Youtube "sensation" Casey Neistat even has had deals with cable. Is he funny? Is he interesting? Is he good looking? No, he's just a Jew.

Youtube “sensation” Casey Neistat even has had deals with cable television. Is he funny? Is he interesting? Is he good looking? No, he’s just a Jew.

So far, the most radical attempt at subverting America’s electoral process is coming from Glora Allred’s fabrication of sexual harassment hoaxes against Donald Trump. This is being timed to have an excuse to black-out Wikileaks revelations in the press.

NBC originally got Trump’s pussy-gate tape months ago, and plotted to release it through other Jews at the Washington Post shortly before the election to influence it in favor of Clinton. The women “stepping forward” to accuse Trump of sexual assault have been timed to get their stories on air in the same way, it is safe to assume. As has been said before, these women have come to accuse Trump three weeks before the election, rather than say during the primaries, because there is no time to adjudicate this flagrant case of libel and clear Trump’s name.

A Wikileak from Podesta’s email box sent by Gloria Allred from spring 2016 shows the close coordination between the lawyah as not only an ally of Clinton, but an instrumental part of her campaign. The few who think this scandal against Trump has any merit should take a look at this exchange speaking at concocting a plot to reduce the women’s vote for Trump.


Friend –

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016. As a lifelong advocate for women’s rights, this statement is frightening. Donald Trump has pledged to reverse the vast amounts of great progress we have made over the years. His demeaning treatment of women in the work place and his stance on issues such as abortion would reverse this progress and negatively impact millions of women across the country – and that is unacceptable.

The time to act is now. That is why I hope you will join myself, Tina Tchen, and Robbie Kaplan for a Democratic National Committee reception on May 31st at the home of Leatitia and Richard Garriott in New York. We will come together and discuss the upcoming race, and why we as women must do everything we can to ensure a Democrat remains in the White House for the next four years. RSVP now via the attached invite or below:

I hope you will answer this important call to action.

Gloria Allred
Women’s Rights Attorney

This ought to be the beginning and the end of this phony scandal. The challenge now is to get Wikileaks like this to everyone you know because the media is trying to cover it up.  Utilize the booming #NextFakeTrumpVictim hashtag on Twitter, as well as anti-Trump hashtags like #TrumpTapes.