Wikileaks: Evil Jew George Soros Mentioned Over 50 Times in Clinton Campaign E-mails

Daily Stormer
October 20, 2016

One could easily argue that the evil Jew George Soros heavily influences if not outright controls the direction of American political affairs. From the billions of shekels he has accumulated through a lifetime of financial scams, he funds a wide variety of subversive political organizations in America and around the world.


The Jew George Soros represents the ultimate face of evil and hatred.

Soros money has helped found and support entities that promote Cultural Marxist doctrines and White genocide. Most recently, Soros money has been behind the Negro terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter as well as the “migrant” invasion of Europe. The Soros founded Open Society Foundations is specifically responsible for pushing all sorts society-destroying agendas in nations around the world.

E-mails from the Clinton campaign reveal a close connection to Soros.

The Gateway Pundit:

The liberal billionaire funder, who has been tied to a globalist elite pushing the Muslim migrant crisis and multiculturalism onto Western societies, comes up a lot in private discussions between top Hillary Clinton campaign officials.

A search by American Lookout showed Soros has been mentioned at least 56 times throughout the 11 batches of emails put out by Wikileaks which show collusion between elites, the mainstream media and the Hillary campaign.

Likewise, Soros was directly mentioned in multiple subject headlines on emails, often times requesting a meeting with top Clinton official, John Podesta.

Here are just a few of the ones I found from a quick search.

What this proves is that Soros has tremendous influence in the direction of the Clinton campaign. Podesta would not be wasting his valuable time to meet in person with Soros on a frequent basis if this were not the case.

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, Soros will be a major force in helping form the political direction of the United States government. This will mean an uncontrolled invasion of third world populations, war with Russia and an even more aggressive assault on traditional American values.


It is important to note that the Russians recently banned Soros-funded operations in their country. They were smart to do this as Soros money was behind the overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russian government in Ukraine a few years ago. The Russians believed and rightly so that these Soros entities in their country represented a national security threat and were plotting to create civil disorder. Make no mistake, Soros is an incredibly evil and diabolical individual we are dealing with here.

Keep in mind that this is only a portion of the Wikileaks e-mails dumped from John Podesta’s gmail account. It is safe to assume that Podesta and other Clinton campaign staffers had many more communications with Soros than what has been revealed so far. It will be interesting to see what else is revealed about this connection in future e-mail dumps from Wikileaks.