Wikileaks: Facebook Jews Sought Assistance from Clinton Campaign to Launch Subversive Operations

Daily Stormer
October 19, 2016


Mark Zuckerberg is an evil Jew who hates you and your family.

The Wikileaks e-mail dump of John Podesta’s gmail account is revealing all sorts of interesting tidbits. It turns out that the evil Facebook Jew Mark Zuckerberg sought assistance from the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to launch a variety of subversive political operations.

In an e-mail written by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, she asks Podesta if he can meet with Zuckerberg to discuss this topic. She lists a number of areas that Zuckerberg had an interest in influencing which included immigration and education.


Zuckerberg has already poured a great deal of resources into an organization called FWD.US which promotes the third world invasion of America. Jews have historically had an interest in flooding White nations with third world savages. By dumping monkey filth into our countries it causes disorder and creates an environment where Jews are able to thrive. The presence of foreign invaders also makes it easier for them to conceal themselves among the host population and fool them into thinking that they are one of them.

On the educational front, Zuckerberg has created a $100 million organization called Startup Education which is dedicated to funding a bunch of programs for non-Whites in Newark, New Jersey. Notice how Zuckerberg is mostly interested in educating non-Whites. This is a common trait that you see among these Jewish charities. They have no interest in doing anything positive for White people.


This connection between the Clinton campaign and the Jewish run enterprise of Facebook reveals once again how the Clinton campaign is a major face of world Jewry. That’s really what the rotting corpse of Hillary Clinton represents. Her campaign is deeply connected to all major centers of Jewish power including Wall Street, Hollywood and the corporate media.

There is no mistaking what she represents and this is why we need to do everything we can in our power to defeat her in November.