Wikileaks: Clinton Aides Conspired to Cover-Up the Fact That Obama Received E-Mail from Hillary’s Illegal Server

Daily Stormer
October 25, 2016

Top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills was openly talking about engaging in criminal conspiracies with John Podesta on gmail lol.

The corruption and criminality being exposed in these Wikileaks dumps of John Podesta’s gmail account is truly mind boggling. Here’s another revelation.

We have an e-mail from Hillary’s top aide Cheryl Mills to Podesta stating that they needed to cover up the fact that Obama had e-mails which originated from Hillary’s illegal e-mail server.


Hillary was e-mailing Obama from her illegal and unsecured e-mail server all along and this is proof that they tried to conceal this fact from the American people – and the FBI and DoJ (not that that was necessary).

Obama also claimed that he learned of Hillary’s unlawful e-mail arrangement from the press. This was a lie. Mills admission that Obama had e-mails from Hillary’s illegal server proves that Obama knew about her illegal e-mail setup from the start.

Seriously though, how stupid are these people? Not only were they engaging in a criminal conspiracy to cover up illegal activity, but they were openly discussing the matter over gmail.

If we are going to have criminals running the federal government, I’d at least want intelligent criminals. This e-mail dump on Wikileaks is proving over and over again that these people in Hillary’s inner circle are a bunch of morons.