Wikileaked: Israeli Government Launches AI Command Center to Monitor and Report Social Media Anti-Semitism

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

Watching this video is much more important than reading this article. It explains itself perfectly.

Some of you can’t, though – slow connection, short attention span, whatever, so I’ll break it down. I think I got sidetracked two or three times just trying to make it to the end – I mean, some Jew talking, no explosions, no tits… the internet has clearly damaged my ability to pay attention to anything, and reading is faster than listening. So:

The Israeli government is running a system monitoring every post and tweet on Facebook and Twitter, which uses “AI and machine learning” (isn’t that the same thing?) to recognize roughly 10,000 anti-semetic posts a day.

The white pill here is that there are about 10,000 anti-semetic expressions a day on Facebook and Twitter, even with all of this shuttening of the down.

Their plan here is that they can make this information public in order to “shame people into acting better,” and also to “notify law enforcement and intelligence services” in European countries about the wrongthink of their serfs.

Also, by getting data on the times and places in which antisemetic expressions are concentrated, they can supposedly… complain to politicans about it, or something.

It’s amazing to see how Wikileaks has evolved from patron saint of the “no blood for oil” left, back when they were leaking all over the Bush administration’s wars for Zion, into the Jew-gassing hate machine they have become today. In retrospect, their model of “disclosing leaked information” is implicitly anti-Semitic, but it seems that they didn’t realize this immediately, back when the left was willing to protest wars for Zion and there was at least one acceptable reason to be a leftist.

How times have changed.

These Jews are openingly bragging about manipulating our communication systems with the goal of punishing us.

Do they really think that policing us is going to make us less resentful of them?

Would this not qualify as election-rigging by a foreign power?

The Irsaelis have basically confirmed every “conspiracy theory stereotype” of the Jews that we’ve been telling you about for years now – that they are in a war against freedom of expression, and determined to police unapproved gentile thoughts by shaming and imprisoning them.

Even the most die-hard Reaganite boomer shill would be made uneasy by this, if he wasn’t disconnected from all real information on the internet to the point that he will never hear about it anyway.