Wignat Negress Candace Owens Attacks America First Filipina Michelle Malkin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

The wignat negress Candace Owens – who has literally said publicly that she supports Adolf Hitler – posted some inane thing about black conservatives on Monday, with a video of some negro gentleman hopping about in a MAGA hat.

I don’t really know what precipitated it – if anything – but Michelle Malkin decided to quote-tweet that bitch and be like “yeah but what about immigration tho?”

She points out that no matter how many blacks Candace converts to conservatism, they will be outnumbered by legal immigrant voters. Which is a very good point to make in the midst of this whole “black people will vote Republican” scam that the Conservative, Inc. movement is promoting.

She’s basically saying “Who cares? Are you a shill? Why are you not talking about the immigrant flood, why are you not supporting the America First movement?”

Michelle is going out there and using her celebrity to actively question where people stand on the Groyper War.

Owens responded:

Then some rando in the comments replied (Nick is tagged because he retweeted it):

To which Owens said:

Of course, everything has to do with what we are talking about, you kooky Nazi bitch. What Michelle is saying is “PICK A DAMN SIDE ALREADY, NO ONE CARES ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE BUT WHICH SIDE YOU ARE ON IN GROYPER WAR!”

It isn’t “sloppy” – the word is “belligerent.”

Because this is a war, and you have yet to declare a side!

Michelle wouldn’t lower herself to replying directly, so she quote-tweeted Candace again, making clear her point:

She said the D-word there. I don’t know if she’d said that before, but I haven’t seen her say it before and she’s said it now.

For those who don’t get this: “demographic conquest” is a codeword for “replacing white people with nonwhite people.”

Obviously, Michelle herself is nonwhite, but that is of course just whatever. No one is saying that we’re going to make the country 100% white. We want a white supermajority, we want to stop the flood, then start removing people. We want the country to be defined by its whiteness, in the same way that Japan or China or Nigeria are defined by their ethnic majorities.

But if some assimilated nonwhite wants to come out and say “America is a primarily white country and these people trying to turn it nonwhite are evil,” that is fine and it is good.

After she said “Nick Fuentes” on Monday night and called on people to answer our questions – one of which, of course, is about the US’s relationship with Israel – cuckservative shills are calling Michelle a “Nazi” and an anti-Semite.

Caleb Hull deleted his tweet calling Malkin both an anti-Semite and a Nazi.

(The account of David Santa Carla had screenshotted this and it was being passed around, then he was banned. I suspect that is what he got banned for.)

It’s funny. Because as you might be able to gather from her last name, she is married to a Jew.

I was hesitant when she first started signaling our way, because of the fact that she is married to a Jew, and I said so.

But now I’m thinking she must be in a divorce, or she just doesn’t care what her husband thinks, or maybe her husband himself is totally disconnected from the tribe and isn’t paying attention. I have no idea, actually. But I will tell you this: what she is doing is fantastic.

Get that “Nazi Negro” Candace to explain why she is going on about some dancing negro while we’re being flooded with infinity immigrants.

Candace “1488” Owens was a member of Charlie Kirk’s organization, and she is now aligned with that terrible kike Dennis Prager. She is required to come out and say where she stands.

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