Why Would It Take 13 People to Kill Two Dirty Scandinavian Sluts?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

At first I was all like

But then I was like

I could kill up to 30 Scandinavian sluts by myself if I came upon them on a mountain, probably more.

Why did it take 13 Arabs to get this job done?

Just how incompetent are these Pakis?


Nine more people have been arrested in Morocco for connections to the four initial suspects in the killing of two Scandinavian university students in a remote corner of the Atlas Mountains, Moroccan authorities said Friday.

A total of 13 men have been detained after the murder of the female hikers from Denmark and Norway. Authorities in Morocco consider the killings a terrorist act. The women’s bodies were found Monday with stab wounds in their necks.

The real question is: How were the women supposed to expect these men could be anything other than harmless?


The absolute state of white women.

Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial investigations said the nine new suspects had been carrying arms and “suspicious materials” used in the manufacture of explosives at the time of their arrests. No further details were available.

A plane carrying the bodies of 28-year-old Norwegian Maren Ueland and 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen took off Friday from Casablanca for Denmark. The Norwegian news agency NTB said Ueland’s autopsy would be performed in her home country.

In Norway, police said a video which allegedly shows the killing of one of the women is likely authentic.

Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service has been investigating the footage circulating on social media.

“There is no concrete evidence indicating the video is not real,” it said.

It was originally reported that they were gang-raped, though it isn’t clear why they’ve removed that element from the story and made it a terrorist thing. It can definitely be both.

I remember a time in Morocco I would meet white women who were “traveling” there and I would be like “lol ok u do u gurl.”

In a sane world, I could be charged with attempted murder for not discouraging them, and I will admit that I was purposefully encouraging them to get themselves killed.

But seriously: how fucking retarded are women?

What level does your consciousness have to be at to think that two women hiking alone in the mountains of a Moslem country is not a death sentence?

By the way, these murders happen regularly – they are just usually not so elaborate, with the more aggressive Islamic element, so you never hear about them. It is also possible that they are really playing this one up because of Trump’s peacenik agenda.

Christmastime Empathy Section

I do feel bad when sluts die, guys.

This is like watching some stupid dog run in front of a car.

Well, it’s not actually that bad, because dogs are good natured and women are not.

But the part about “an animal so dumb it cannot recognize the very most obvious of physical threats” is true, and that’s always going to be sad.

It should be understood that under my planned program of forced child-marriage and physical restraint (chains, steel cages), women will be much safer. And happier also. There’s no point at which you have time to think about needing to “find yourself” when you’re pregnant a week after your first menstruation.