Why Whites Do Not Want to Be Around Blacks

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

The reason why Whites don’t want to be around Blacks is because their genetics cause them to collectively behave in ways that are stupid and violent. You might find one huge exception to this rule who can be successful in a high IQ society, but that is not something which reflects on the collective.

If you were camping and you saw a bush well known to produce poisonous berries which cause instant death, you would not eat them. If you took one hundred bushes and tested how toxic their fruits were and found that one out of the 99 bushes had significantly less toxic berries than the rest to the point you could eat them, you would still not eat them when in the wild. One is a genetic mutation, an anomaly, which makes it unique. The rest will kill you and you should be careful.