Why the World Should Fear Deep State Psychopath H.R. McMaster

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2017

The CIA/NSA political hit on General Michael Flynn appeared at first to have been a warning shot against Trump, and the Congress’ (((bipartisan))) support of replacement H.R. McMaster for the role of National Security Advisor has us falsely assuming that the duly-elected Executive Branch would retain control of him, as the Constitution commands.

But that assumption is increasingly proving false. There is no doubt in my mind that President Donald Trump is being held under duress; that is a theory and I don’t have hard evidence for, but it’s clear that overnight he has gone from a roaring, defiant lion, to script reading pussy-cat. The empowerment of Kushner and Cohn, the increasing isolation of Bannon, and a 180 on policy all come shortly after McMaster’s ascension.

H.R. McMaster is a dangerous figure. He has an extraordinarily high IQ, with a Ph.D from West Point, and has written a number of books on war. McMaster’s latest speeches and lectures (2015-2016) deal with his vision for the United States on the 21st century battlefield, singling out China and Russia as “revisionist powers” that America must grind down through proxy conflicts in the smaller and unstable states on the Eurasian landmass.

McMaster appears to criticize the wide availability and free flow of information as “threats” from Russia, in accordance with the “fake news” hysteria. The allowance of two sides of a conflict to be heard have obviously had atrocious results for the US government, Merkel, and the other globalists.

In his May 4, 2016 presentation at the “Center for Strategic & International Studies,” McMaster stated:

What Russia is employing…is a sophisticated strategy…that combines conventional forces as cover for unconventional action, but a much more sophisticated campaign involving the use of criminality and organized crime, and really operating effectively on this battleground of perception and information, and in particular part of a broader effort to sow doubt and conspiracy theories across our alliance. And this effort, I believe, is aimed really not at defensive objectives, but at offensive objectives – to collapse the post-World War II, certainly the post-Cold War, security, economic, and political order in Europe, and replace that order with something that is more sympathetic to Russian interests.

So what do all these conflicts have in common is they’re about the control of territory, people and resources.  … What we need is that synergy between the joint force, where our forces have the capability and the capacity to deter conflict and, if that fails, to resolve conflict in our interest – to protect our security and our vital interests. And that may entail imposing outcomes without the cooperation of the enemy, and that has significant implications for the Army in particular.

When you look at the rush of many government entities in the West trying to censor independent media in the name of “fake news,” you can see McMaster’s implications come to life. If you want to test Facebook’s “fake news” censors, go ahead and write about how Jehovah’s Witnesses control international finance and the US government – nothing will happen to you. Now compare this to hosting a public page accusing Jews of the same, and suddenly, down it goes – “hate speech” and “fake news.”

McMaster perceives Russia as a threat to the neo-liberal order. But what if we, the people, don’t want that style of global government, and vote for someone promising to take us out of it like Donald Trump?

You can see how counter-intuitive the McMaster appointment was for Trump. If he was really duping us, he would’ve just appointed McMaster from the get-go rather than take a risk with Flynn.

As for the prospect of a full-on “hot war” with Russia, and its morbid implications, this is not lost on McMaster. His response to such a scenario is: “bring it on.” But uttering the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism”? That’s a bridge too far for CuckMaster.

McMaster and Kushner together bullied Bannon off the NSC, KT McFarland met the same fate, and now he’s shooting his mouth off blatantly contradicting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s suggestions that the attack on Syria was an isolated incident.

Aside from those mixed messages, compare neocon Nikki Haley defecating on the sidewalk in front of CNN with a statement on US plans to force regime change in Syria vs Rex Tillerson’s interview stressing that nothing has changed and Assad’s future would be left for Syrians to decide.

The Haleys, McMasters and McCains of the swamp are being bribed or blackmailed into protecting an international Zionist order that we didn’t vote for and don’t want. They’re willing to throw anything at the Russians and anyone else willing to resist, from phony “Neo-Nazis” in Ukraine to Al Qaeda Islamists in Syria. That’s the real reason they won’t say “Islamic terrorism” and the reason why, even as die-hard globalists, they will allow some controlled forms nationalism in the countries in former communist states.

Nobody in America shares McMaster’s vision of what our engagement with the world should look like outside of mainstream media journalists and Jews. These are dangerous people, and they may be on the brink of overthrowing our government without even firing a shot.

Trump must act and suppress them, or it’s all going down.