Why the Greek Elections are Going to Send Shockwaves Through Europe

XA Ameriki
January 25, 2015

Article by George of Golden Dawn New York Division.

We are mere days away from the upcoming snap elections in Greece. The consequences of the elections will go far beyond Greece itself.

In the last several years, the rise of Golden Dawn in elections was inspiring nationalists all over the western world, this time is different however.  The reason for this difference in the upcoming election is simple, this time the outcome will force the unification of parties people once thought were enemies to each other. It will prove that Golden Dawn is the only true national opposition.

Golden Dawn comrade Giorgos Misiakas, recently stated in an article that “Golden Dawn is a post election nightmare for the system. This nightmare goes far beyond Golden Dawn being the third political force in the country, exposing the lies of the media.

The even bigger nightmare for the system is that “Radical Leftists“,”Social Democrats” “Conservatives” and even what is labeled the “Far-Right” will have to take their different colored masks off and work together, thus exposing themselves to the public for what they really are. They will show they are nothing more than pawns of the international money lenders.

First lets take a look at the “Far Right”:

Panos Kammenos of the “Independent Greeks” party, a party that made a lot of big talk against illegal immigration and postured itself as the anti-memorandum “Far Right” “Patriotic” but “Not-Extremist” alternative to Golden Dawn.  Recently Kammenos stated that he would enter a coalition with “Radical Left” SYRIZA in order to contribute to the stability of the country. So here we have the so called “Patriot” willing to ally with a party that openly wants to destroy every aspect of national identity and defense and open the borders.

This goes beyond Greece however, in France yesterday the leader of what is called the “Far Right” Front National, Marine LePen made a statement that she will be supporting SYRIZA and hopes they win the national elections in Greece, even though she “Does not agree with their policy on immigration”.


Very strange indeed, considering Greece with open borders under SYRIZA means in effect that illegal immigrants will have nothing stopping them from going to places like Francesince once you are inside the EU there are very few border checks between EU states.

Next we have the “Social Democrats”:

They have decided to morph into smaller pieces, the remnants of PASOK have now spintered into several different factions, all of which show little difference from each other, such as “Potami” and what is called “To Kinima”, both of which say they won’t fully announce their positions until after the elections. Yes, you read that right, political parties that say they wont tell you what they will do until after you vote for them.  Both of these parties rely on thier media names and popularity of their TV personalities. Basically what this translates to is they want to pretend they are different until after they get elected (in order to capture entice the former PASOK voters into coming out to vote again) so they can go along with the international money lenders plans later.

“The Conservatives”:

The current government of New Democracy, now days before the elections is making many “patriotic” statements, all of a sudden they are concerned with illegal immgation and flag waving.  They also are trying to scare people into voting for them again, claiming that SYRIZA will destroy the “progress” they have made and make the banks shut down and pensions stop.

“The Radical Left” :

Martin SCHULZ, EP President meets with Alexis TSIPRAS, Syriza president. Press point.
Martin Schulz, EP President meets with Alexis Tsipras, Syriza president.

Lastly we have SYRIZA, which means in english a “Coalition of the Radical Left”.  “Radical Left” by the Greek definition traditionally means “Trotskyites“, “Maoists“, “Stalinists” and “Anarcho-Communists” just to name a few.  In the last years however, SYRIZA has been receiving a huge influx of PASOK social democrats, and even a few former New Democracy members in its ranks, while still claiming it will “Tear Up the Memorandum” and other times says it will give the debt a “Haircut” and “Renegotiate“.

This change in words depends on who they are speaking to and when, but when Alexis Tsipras was here meeting with international money lenders in New York and in Washington DC meeting with the US Department of State he was made clear of his role in Greece, and we can assure you that his role certainly is not as “radical” as some may think.

Golden Dawn has created a nightmare scenario for their theatrical performances after the elections. Without exception, every single party despite it’s label will fight to stop Golden Dawn till the bitter end. The national resistance of Golden Dawn will set a very important precedent in Europe that constitues the meaning of a true national resistance.

Despite all their tricks, Greek nationalists will not bend,  and Greece will win!