Why Nationalism and a Unified Country Terrifies Wall Street

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2017

Basically another good video from Black Pigeon.

He’s not mentioning Jews, presumably because he doesn’t want to get his channel shut down.

Obviously at this point, no one is “unaware” of the Jewish problem, because we and our troll brothers have forced the issue so hard. Everyone has had to look into it, and no one who looks into it honestly can deny it, because it’s just facts.

Jewish control is an objective fact.

You have to have extremely high levels of cognitive dissonance to deny it. I don’t personally think either Molyneux or BP has that high of levels of cog cognitive dissonance. But they are both Canadian, where such discussion gets legally sticky.

Although BP has already been doxed as doing a travel channel and he lives in gookland, I can still see why he wouldn’t want a warrant for hatespeech in his home country.

The only sort of tricky mental gymnastic trick you can do to deny it is talk about their higher average IQs. But when you compare their population numbers to those of whites, you end up with many, many more whites with high IQs than Jews with IQs in the same range, so then you have to admit Jewish nepotism, an it is hard to describe Jewish ethnic networking across the planet as anything other than “a global Jewish conspiracy.”

But that doesn’t mean people can’t present interesting information without mentioning Jews. Obviously, they can.

One good option is to vaguely mention them, to signal that you understand the problem – as Donald Trump used to do for us.

I left this comment on BP’s latest video (above):

Yes, I like my own comments on any platform that allows that. If you think that’s gay, then take a cue from Richard Spencer and READ MORE NIETZSCHE.

Anyway, this video: yes, there are economic factors which drive mass immigration. It’s just that:

a) These economic factors were themselves created by Jews,

b) if it were not for the Jewish dominance of all of our institutions, someone would be looking for a solution to these problems that go beyond “mass immigration,” and

c) most of these immigrants are not beneficial to the economy on any type of long-term – or even medium term – timeline.

A “fascist” type society would be focused on futurism, where you wouldn’t need all of this modern economic nonsense anyway. It’s all outdated and ridiculous in the era of high-technology. By importing third worlders, they are basically rolling back the clock on development, in order to maintain a system that is outdated in a society that is as developed as ours.

Also, what he says here about the mainstream media fearing losing its power is also totally true, and that does indeed go beyond simply “BECAUSE JEWS.” There is a lot of money involved here. Although, as we saw with the PewDiePie fiasco, it is ultimately discussion of the Jewish issue that sends them over the edge.

Jew-hate is what the kids these days are into.

So, though it is most important to understand the Jewish problem, it is also interesting to learn about the details of the results of the Jewish problem. It makes you smarter to be able to discuss issues beyond simply saying “IT’S THE JEWS BRO.”

Even while I personally do understand that “IT’S THE JEWS, BRO” is enough of an explanation for any and all negative phenomenons, the Jewish role is to control key mechanisms which then cause many other things to happen, so there is use in understanding these happenings as well.

Being informed is never a bad thing.

You can also share the videos of Molyneux and BP (the DANGEROUS CANUCK DUO) with normies who are not ready for full-on GTKRWN.

Please photoshop Molyneux’ face.

That’s why I share these videos and think they are worthwhile, generally.

Also, just as proof that this information is threatening to the Jews, Alex Jones and even pre-4/6 Donald Trump get called “anti-Semites,” simply for talking about symptoms of the Jewish problem. That shows, definitively, that Jews view any information that inches close to exposing them as a threat to them.