Why It’s Important to Keep Meming the Free Speech Jihadist

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2018

As I’m sure you are aware, earlier this week a crazy Moslem vegan woman shot up YouTube.

As is described in the above video, the first response by every leftist and Jew in the country was that it had to be a evil right-wing white NRA supporting bigot. When the actual shooter was proven to be the crazy Moslem vegan, they quickly ignored all of her videos talking about why she hates YouTube and claimed it was because she went crazy over her boyfriend or something.

We can’t let them sweep this under the rug. Censorship is causing deaths now, and there is no reason to think that this will not get worse.

As is often said on this website, while we do not support violence in any way it will be inevitable whenever normal public discussion is impossible.

We can meme this happening to pressure laws against online censorship to be put in place.