Why is Venezuela So Low on Toilet Paper?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

Look, here’s the thing. 

There’s no way in hell a country as rich as Venezuela could not afford to feed its people and wipe their asses with double-plush even if it went 100% retard with the Communism thing.

But how do you go about doing that?

Like, I’m talking nuts and bolts here. Because this is where you run into the problem that all small countries who don’t play ball with ZOG run into. For decades, Venezuela, like most South American countries, focused on exports and a specialized economy.

They sold coffee and whatever else, I don’t know, bananas probably to the US then they turned right around and bought actual food and other manufactured goods with that money. When they started pumping oil, they started doing the same thing with oil as well. It was a sweet deal for the big companies who sold the raw materials and then who sold the manufactured materials right back.

And if they got uppity, America was ready to fight wars over those bananas.

But when Venezuela partially nationalized its oil under Chavez, they started running into problems because they were part of an integrated market chain. All it took was for some sanctions to be put on them by Washington for their ability to trade oil (this time on more favorable terms, for higher prices) for food to vanish. And not just food, but other products like the much-vaunted toilet paper that we hear so much about.

They couldn’t get any of it anymore – which is why you have this:

The problem is that Venezuela doesn’t produce anything.

It’s basically just a gas station.

It would literally take decades and probably a 5-point nationwide increase in average IQ to get all these industries up and running.

And there are very few countries in the world that can run at full autarky – which means not participating in the whole market chain set up by the big companies and the international merchant class. These countries have to be very big and even then, they struggle because of the lack of specialization and lack of expertise.

Off the top of my head, these exceptional countries are China, Russia, the United States and maybe Iran.

Speaking of Russia, at the time of the Crimean crisis, Russia got slapped with sanctions that were quite similar to the ones that Venezuela has been struggling under. And after the looting of the economy by Washington-backed Jewish thugs-turned-oligarchs, Russia had basically lost most of its domestic industry. It was all dismantled and sold off for pennies to vultures.

So when Putin took over from that disgusting drunk Boris Yeltsin, Russia was also basically reduced to being a gas station. Or, to put it in neoliberal terms, Russia was integrated into the world economy. The deal was simple: Russia provided cheap gas and oil and bought American and German goods with that money. Just like Venezuela. Similarly, when the food sanctions hit in 2014 as punishment for Crimea, prices on basic stuff, not just food, but razors and toilet paper and just about everything JUMPED.

The Neocons thought that the severe reduction in the Russian people’s purchasing power would stir discontent against Putin and pave the way for a color revolution.

However, this did not occur (yet) and despite the high food prices, and the attacks on Russia’s financial system and ability to do business, Putin didn’t budge and instead started planning for autarky. Money was allocated for domestic industry to kickstart again, and it’s finally bearing fruit (literally). Russia is now an agricultural powerhouse as well. There’s still a ways to go to reviving Russia’s domestic industries, but the neocon plan backfired because Russia is too big and Putin too determined to never again let Russia be so utterly humiliated.

Not all countries can do this though.

Venezuela can’t. It will need the backing of a non-hostile foreign power to be able to feed itself at this point. In fact, Russia has already started sending Venezuela thousands of tons of food.

If Maduro survives this whole thing, the food problems will abate because he’ll cut a deal with Russia, who will be all too happy to offload all its newly-grown wheat in Venezuela.

Now, about the Communism thing.

Yes, the whole Communism thing is retarded, but just fucking listen to me for a second here.

Chavez promised to redistribute oil money and to massively subsidize basic consumer goods.

He won a lot of support that way and then he went ahead and did just that when he took power. But there’s a problem when official prices for food and other stuff is lower than the market cost. For one, merchants with money buy up all the cheap stuff and then resell it on the black market at a price closer to the actual cost.

This is why you have these raids on people hoarding toilet paper. It’s easy to point and laugh, I know. But when you realize that the people getting raided are the ones who are buying up cheap, subsidized products to re-sell on the black market at a mark-up once they’ve gobbled up all the stuff intended for poor peasants, you realize why Venezuela has instituted Toilet Paper Death Squads.

When you have a command economy with state-set prices, the more… let’s just say, enterprising members of society can easily exploit that system. So can neighboring countries if they’re hostile.

All this is to say that it wouldn’t really matter if Venezuela was capitalist.

The problems that Venezuela would face under a free market system would be quite similar.

Yes, prices for goods like toilet paper would adjust to their actual market value, so you’d have full stores again, but they’d be too expensive for most people to afford because of low supply.

Less supply means a higher price

Sanctioned Venezuela has a hard time buying manufactured goods from abroad and can’t make their own stuff, remember?

Toilet paper would be smuggled into Venezuela through the black market and would be expensive AF because of that.

At which point, Venezuelan peasants would just start stealing the toilet paper.

And then companies would have to hire private guards to protect their goods.

Which brings us back round to this:

Only, it’s not the army in this scenario, but some company’s personal rent-a-cop.

So really, what’s the difference? 

This whole argument that we should support the overthrow of Venezuela’s government because they’ve got an inefficient toilet paper distribution system in their country is retarded and Boomer-tier and I’m fucking sick of it.

Nunna it matters so just drop that shit already.