Why is the Left Constantly on About “Healthcare”?

The left is obsessed with talking about healthcare.

Approximately 97% of American “healthcare” is related to obesity or being really old and refusing to die. I don’t understand talking about this all the time.

I go to the dentist once a year, but other than that I think I go to a doctor maybe once every 5 years. And yes, I’m sure as I age, more things will come up, but actually not really. If a man is taking care of himself, he should live until 70 without much effort, and then start preparing for death.

When I hear these people talk about “healthcare” I just keep hearing “fat people shouldn’t be held responsible for the consequences of their life choices.”

I think it’s time I wrote another diet guide.

Obviously, the American “healthcare” system is broken, but that is a result of people being given a bunch of drugs pushed on the medical industrial complex by the pharmaceutical companies. Mostly, they are given these drugs because they are fat.

Here’s the plan: stop being fat.

Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

These people are trying to bring in communism in the name of assisting the fat, which will work.

But I don’t see why the rest of us should get dragged into communism in the name of fixing fatness.

The fat should be forced to live in the sweaty bed they’ve made for themselves. Instead of giving them free healthcare, they should be denied entry to the hospital, even if they are wealthy. The solution to the healthcare crisis in America is less healthcare – not more.

If I was running for office, my healthcare policy would be “let the fatties choke.” You could easily have a communist healthcare program, if it was only for non-fats, but what would be the point?

I also support making it legal to push fat people down the stairs. Generally, pushing fat people out of your way should be legal and encouraged by eccentric personalities on state TV.

I’ve had enough!