Why is Covid Rising in High Vaccination States?

In the close future, Americans will be provided with a wrist device that allows them to shoot coronavirus boosters straight into their brains. This will help Pfizer with their ultimate goal: saving lives.

I’m glad you asked.

The Science knows.

It knows.

The Science knows all things, because The Science creates reality.

If you don’t understand it, then that’s your fault – because you’re stupid. 

You’re inbred trailer trash who doesn’t even deserve to be allowed to look upon The Science.

But I’ll give you a peek anyway, racist.

Yahoo! News:

Coronavirus cases are surging in several U.S. states with relatively high vaccination rates, prompting concern among health officials who had hoped inoculations would help curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current uptick — arriving exactly one year after last winter’s massive COVID wave — appears to be the start of a seasonal spike in places with cooler weather that were spared the worst of the initial U.S. Delta surge, which hit undervaccinated Southern states hardest this summer.

The question now is whether above-average vaccination coverage and continued mitigation measures in states such as New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont, Illinois, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Colorado — the seven states that have seen the largest increases in COVID cases during the past two weeks — can keep rising infections from turning into the kind of tsunami of hospitalizations and deaths that plagued the entire country last holiday season, before vaccines were widely available.

There was a plague of hospitalizations and deaths last holiday season. If you didn’t notice it and no one you know died or even got sick, well then, I guess you don’t have many friends, do you?

People were dropping like flies as the deadly Delta variant crushed the hospital system like an NFL player crushing some bitch’s pussy.

If so, it could signal a new, less dangerous phase of the pandemic, particularly in areas with higher levels of immunity.

If not, much of America could soon look like Florida over the summer, when more residents were dying of COVID each day than ever before.

On paper, the latest case numbers seem ominous. In Vermont, which has the highest vaccination rate of any state in the country, new daily cases are up 49 percent in the past two weeks. More than 72 percent of Vermonters have been fully vaccinated, compared with 59 percent nationally.

In neighboring New Hampshire, new daily cases are up 84 percent in the past two weeks (compared with a 7 percent jump over the same period nationwide), despite 63 percent of its population being fully inoculated.

In New Mexico, new daily cases are up 46 percent in the same period, even though 63 percent of its residents are fully vaccinated.

And in neighboring Colorado, new daily cases are up 42 percent, despite 62 percent of its population having received their shots.

Cases are also up significantly in Minnesota (50 percent), Illinois (49 percent), Rhode Island (43 percent), New York (27 percent) and Massachusetts (24 percent) — states where more than 6 in 10 residents are fully vaccinated. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, more than 70 percent of the population has received all necessary vaccine doses. Even California is starting to see a rise in cases.

Similar spikes started earlier this fall in European countries with corresponding vaccination rates — another worrisome sign for the U.S.

Several factors are driving the sharp increase in cases, health officials say: colder weather forcing people indoors, sometimes without masks; the hypercontagious Delta variant, which can cause breakthrough cases; and waning protection against infection for those who got vaccinated early, especially seniors.

That’s The Science: the vaccine barely works at all, and actually, it makes things worse.

But we have to keep taking it and force people to take it, because that is what The Science has demanded.

Human beings have no right to question The Science. If The Science says “inject your children with this deadly gene therapy serum,” humans must do it.

“The first ones to vaccinate [are] going to be the first ones to experience the waning immunity,” Dr. David Scrase, New Mexico’s health and human services secretary, told the New York Times.

So far, new daily hospitalization numbers across the affected states have not shot up as rapidly as new daily case numbers, rising anywhere from 4 percent in New Hampshire to 20 percent in New Mexico during the past two weeks. (In New York and Massachusetts, hospitalizations continue to fall after summer Delta bumps.)

If this pattern persists, it will be welcome news — a sign that substantial vaccine coverage (along with new therapeutics and safety measures such as public indoor mask rules) is helping to prevent severe outcomes, and that the virus is becoming the kind of threat that Americans can live with in the long term.

You see? The cases have no relationship to hospitalizations and deaths. All three of those things are separate, arbitrary numbers, determined at random by The Science.

But hospitalizations lag cases by several weeks, and deaths lag hospitalizations. A steep rise in one (and then the other) would suggest that too many Americans still lack the necessary immunity — even in states with relatively high vaccination rates — to keep COVID under control while normal life resumes.

Going forward, boosters and childhood vaccinations are likely to make a big difference — though it’s unclear how much of a difference they’ll make this winter.

At the moment, Americans over the age of 65 and others who consider themselves high risk are eligible for a third dose six months after receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, according to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Americans 18 years or older who received the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine are eligible two months after receiving the original shot.

So that’s the answer. It’s very simple: the vaccines simply are not working.

That’s why The Science has decreed that we need even more vaccines. We have to vaccinate small children. Their sacrifice will allow people in their 80s and 90s to live another day.

This is our values. No one can ever die. So if we have to kill children in order to protect the elderly, we must do it, because that’s who we are. And if the vaccines still don’t do anything and just make it worse, as they have so far, and the only thing we’ve done is kill a bunch of children, or give them permanent health problems that will take decades off their lives – well, at least we tried.

At least we followed The Science, because that is our values.

I don’t expect you to understand The Science. As Joe Biden often says, Americans are simple, stupid people who can’t really understand anything other than how to order a cheeseburger and shove it into their face holes.

But I implore you: please, take this seriously. Everyone is going to die from this virus. That’s why we have to go back into lockdowns. We just have to do two weeks to try to flatten the curve. This is about saving lives.

No one ever could have predicted that the vaccines would have no effect on anything, and actually make things worse. Anthony Fauci is the single smartest man who ever lived, and even he didn’t predict this.

That’s because The Science can’t be predicted. It can’t be managed, controlled, or reckoned with. It acts with otherworldly purpose in order to vex the men of earth.