Why is Britain Openly Trying to Start a War with the Chinese?

You know what would be really great for Britain?

A war with the Chinese.

We have to force them to do gay stuff involving children. 


The United Kingdom has announced plans to permanently deploy a fleet of naval vessels to Japan, sailing through the South China Sea, as Western countries increase engagement in the Pacific region.

The UK announced on Tuesday that it will be permanently deploying two naval vessels to waters surrounding Japan later this year ahead of the HMS ‘Queen Elizabeth’-led aircraft carrier strike group’s arrival in Japan.

“Following on from the strike group’s inaugural deployment, the United Kingdom will permanently assign two ships in the region from later this year,” UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in Tokyo at a joint press conference with his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi.

“We will respect China and we hope that China respects us. We will sail where international law allows.”

Wallace stated that the British vessels will not be specifically based at a Japanese port but will patrol the surrounding waters.

People don’t seem to be paying much attention to the global situation because we all have our own problems, what with the impending doom.

But I’ll just tell you this much: we are on the brink of a real war.

China is taking these threats seriously and not playing a game with these people.

The Chinese are ready to start nuking Western cities. And they actually will do it.

China is a nationalist country, and no one who has not lived in such a country understands what that means. They are willing to die on a large scale in order to defend themselves against foreign conquest.

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Of course, getting nuked would be preferable to getting tortured to death by trannies in a homosexual way. So this might all be for the best.