Why is Arnold Such a Fag Now?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

Arnold was a hero of mine as a kid, as he pretty much was for every kid in the 80s and 90s who was not a fag.

What 10-year-old boy could not be a fan of this man, back then?

He was the epitome of masculinity.

Like a hero from Greek mythology.

But now, Arnold is the fag.

The ultimo-fag, in fact.

He’s going around doing fag shit with global warming and attacking Trump.

This week, after Trump made a move to reinvigorate the coal industry, Arnold tweeted a joke.

That’s a funny joke, I think. I didn’t lol, but I let air out of my nose in a short gust.

Obviously, it was written by some professional who is hired to do such things.

But it isn’t really a point.

Unlike the obsolete things he lists, coal is not obsolete. It is just as useful as it ever was. And it is a whole lot cleaner than it ever was before. Unlike in bygone times, the only actual thing that the plants release is carbon dioxide. Which is only a problem if you are in the global warming cult that believes in the fantasy that carbon dioxide cause the world to get hotter – a politicized theory that was disproved years ago through ice core samples that showed that an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere trails a warming period, rather than the other way around.

The only people who still promote the carbon warming hoax are liars, retards and, most prominently, signally faggots.

Like Arnold.

Furthermore, unlike fax machines and pagers – the makers of which moved into other industries – the attack on the coal industry put an entire class of people in this country out of work pretty much completely. They go try to compete with the Mexicans at Walmart or McDonald’s, we’re told.

This really ruined a lot of lives, and led to a decline in life expectancy in coal towns, along with a rise in opioid use.

Destroying people’s lives like that over some goofy science fiction hoax is not right or good at all.

But the Point I was Making

Arnold: used to be ultra-macho-man, now a complete fag, hanging out with the faggot French.

This guy was the son of a member of the Nazi party. Dude was Austrian and signed up to join the SA BEFORE the annexation.

Got an Iron Cross for an injury in Russia.

And Arnold posed for Nazi photo-ops and refused to denounce his father for a long time.

When he was at his body building peak, he used to just scream “nigger” at niggers.

After Charlottesville, he did hard hard hard signaling against racism. His father wept in his grave.

Point being: I think use – or I should say overuse – of anabolic steroids can lead to hormonal disorders later in life that can basically make you a fag.

Steve Sailer has written quite a bit about the lack of writing on the long term effects of steroids on the endocrine system, and suggested that Bruce Jenner becoming a tranny might be related to his own steroid usage.

From his 2015 article “The Republican Drug“:

For example, in 2015 we are supposed to take seriously 1970s decathlete Bruce Jenner’s assertion that he’s taking female hormones now because he always felt like a Caitlyn on the inside. We are assured by august authorities that Jenner’s Kardashian spin-off reality show raises serious questions about outmoded ideas of gender distinctions.

A much less popular theory is that all the artificial male hormones Jenner likely took to improve from tenth in the 1972 Olympic decathlon to gold in 1976 may have permanently damaged his endocrine system and altered how he remembers his own past. But we don’t have legal proof that he did what practically all the successful 1970s weight-throwing field stars did. So nobody wants to think about it.

It’s possible that the ascension of transgenderism to the cause célèbre of the 2010s isn’t simply due to progressives not having anything else to do after gay marriage. It may be in part an aftereffect of the abuse of artificial hormones over recent decades. We are told to believe that transsexuals were born that way, intermediate in gender. Yet a striking fraction of the most publicized cases in recent years have been men who were quite masculine in their 20s. (It’s been noted that Jenner and several other famous transsexuals are Republicans or Libertarians.)

Perhaps some of them used chemical assistance to be more masculine when they were young, and are now experiencing a kind of hormonal blowback?

Bruce definitely never seemed very faggy – let alone like a woman who God accidentally (or as some kind of sick joke) trapped inside of a man’s body.

Charlie Sheen was also a big steroid guy – who was also pretty right-wing and masculine in his youth – who has also become a total cuck AND got HIV from so-called “gay sex” (sodomy).

Eminem also went nuts on steroids for a while then went from fag-basher to complete fag.

(nb4 “that could be natural,” here’s a picture a couple years from like two years earlier. And he was also using a bunch of hard drugs during that period.)

In a partially related phenomenon that is also observable but studied, people who get really jacked on steroids seem to be prone to homosexuality. Anyone who’s been to Thailand knows that the tranny phenomenon there exists almost exclusively for roided-out guys. That is definitely a separate thing, but also speaks to the idea that these drugs can have an effect on masculine identity – and not the one that is generally intended – even in the short term.

Look, I’m Not Saying

I know a lot of readers use or have used steroids.

I’m not condemning that, and I’ve in fact encouraged it for people with chronic obesity who can’t manage another solution.

Furthermore, there are people who used steroids in their youth that are not homosexuals or Arnold-tier libshit fags.

Sly Stallone is still holding it down.

But it’s notable that the only action star from the 80s who was natural – Bruce Willis – seems to have done the best at keeping his life together.

He is also still right-wing.

So honestly, I think steroids should probably be avoided unless you really have no other options. The endocrine system is very delicate, and it is very easy to screw up. People in the 70s and 80s didn’t really understand that, and anabolics just seemed like magic.

So, I’m not your dad – you can do what you want to do. But do understand that your thoughts and emotions are molded by your hormones, and you’re in some ways playing a game with your soul by messing with that system.

If you’re going to use them, be very smart about it. Know what you’re doing. And be as conservative as possible.